4 Step Guide To Select The Best Secure Transcription Company

Speed, accuracy, and what more you need to consider to choose the best secure transcription company to have well-transcribed information? Don’t think much only about the output, but each and every detail that plays a vital role in improving the quality of the outcome. Selecting the right company for transcribing the content is just like finding the right pair of shoes for race or marathon. Picking the right pair can help you to quickly reach the finish line comfortably without suffering from pain.

Why Use Services Of Certified Transcriptionist?

Relying on the professional and secure transcription service provider can help you to ensure the smooth flow of communication in all business functions, and avoid the disputes or legal issues (happen due to miscommunications). Experienced and certified transcriptionists save your precious time from typing debate, conferences, business discussions, etc. They provide immense peace of mind by offering accurate material for your content to be sent to shareholders, business associates, end users, clientele, and all targeted audience. Most importantly, transcriptionists provide cost-effective and accurate solutions whenever you find the need as you can ask for services on a contractual mode, hourly basis, freelancing, and more.

Interesting Transcription Facts That May Surprise You

Might be you’re thinking that transcription is a new term, but in reality, it has been in practice since the 17th century. Mankind has always used these services in one or more form to record the evolution through many generations. Following are some more interesting facts about transcription:

We usually speak at a rate of 150-170 words in a minute. That means around 10,000 words per hour on an average.

We talk about 7x faster than that of our writing ability, and 4 times faster than typing.

Each English word comprises an average of 4.5 letters. This means a person who is slow in speaking can produce about 675 characters per minute approximately (4.5*150=675).

After reading these facts, you can understand how challenging it is to transcribe the audio, video or other files. But you don’t need to worry because nowadays you have an alternative option to hire a translation quality control team who provides better results for lectures, court hearings, interviews, meetings, seminars, and more events, where transcribing is required.

How To Select A Right Transcription Agency?

Choosing a reliable service provider for quality transcription can be challenging. Here are some important aspects you should consider while selecting the best company –

a)- Ask Few Questions To The Transcription Vendor

You need a company for transcribing content, but don’t know whom to trust. You have never work on this in your life. So, how would you choose the reliable one? Don’t worry. Research about the companies, and select one which gives the genuine answers of the following questions:

Q1. Who is going to transcribe things for you?
Q2. How much will it cost to transcribe? Is there any hidden or additional charges?
Q3. What is the qualification of a transcriptionists? Are they well-trained and certified?
Q4. Will a company and its team complete the task within or before a deadline?
Q5. Which format or file type they support such as accurate audio transcription, video content, etc?
Q6. How many languages they can transcribe for you?
Q7. What is the total experience of a company?
Q8. What type of reference material and how many levels of proofing do they use?
Q9. Will your work is done manually or using the software?
Q10. Will they guarantee you confidentiality?

Transcription is a difficult job, and remember that unqualified or poorly trained professional can put you in a mess. So, get an answer to all these questions to ensure that your work is done accurately and quickly with no mistakes.

b)- Ensure That The Transcription Procedure Is Secure

Besides accurate transcription, you need to ensure that your data is confidential and secure. Before starting the work, make sure your original content is in the safe hands. Data security is important for all organizations, and it is necessary to protect from third-party access. So, prior to hiring a company, put in place all crucial measures to secure your data.

Here’re some of the vital security measures –

Clearly and thoroughly evaluate the data security policy.
Check for the licensing of a company you’re choosing.
Ensure that a company uses secure and robust servers with antivirus software and the latest security patches to access, send, and store your files.
Your data is encrypted with SSL (secure socket layers).
The transcribers sign a non-disclosure agreement to help you with 100% confidentiality.
Once the transcription task is completed, a company deletes your entire data from their system.

If a company you select meets all these qualities, you can truly trust them with confidential transcription.

c)- Ask For Some References Or Previous Work Samples

Never develop a blind trust, especially when you’re going to avail services for the first time. It does not cause hurt to ask for first-hand accounts from previous or current clients. For example, if you’re choosing academic translation and transcription outsourcing for physical books, e-learning educational material, courses, campus details, etc, then seek out a sample from a selected company. Visit online, and give some quality time to clients’ reviews, and case studies.

d)- Request For Transcription API

Having a transcription API gives you direct access to transcribed data through an encrypted platform. With this feature, you can effectively upload any media files, order requirements, and get access to final work through email. A fully integrated transcription API can help a business with 100% secure data transfer, streamlined services without losing productivity, and a competitive advantage.

As you now understand the qualities of the best transcription solution providing company, it’s time to outsource your requirements to pioneer in global language or communication industry. TridIndia has earned itself a reliable name in the industry of transcription by closely working with leading national and worldwide clients. The team comprises professional lingo experts for an array of industries such as legal, government, academic, market research, corporate, police, and all. The services and solutions are customized as per individual client’s requirements. You’ll receive an error-free transcripted file with complete confidentiality.

If you’re looking for a secure company that supports multiple formats and work by following an organized approach, then contact us by giving a call at +91-8527599223 or request an instant quote.

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