How To Become a Good Transcriptionist? 5 Amazing Tips To Know

If you want to work in the language service industry, becoming a transcriptionist could be the best choice for you. The profile is not only demanding but also rewarding.

Knowing that you now might be wondering how to become a good transcriptionist? Well, it’s not as complicated as you may think. In short, transcriptionists convert audio and video files into text. They are paid well and most importantly they can work right from the comfort of their home.

Earlier, working as a transcriptionist was a great opportunity for people to earn money part-time. But now, the situation has changed. With an increasing number of people all around the world choosing manual transcription solutions, it has turned into a full-time freelance career.

In this blog, you’ll know about the skills you need to convert from a newbie to a confident transcriptionist.

Tips to Become a Good Transcription Artist

1. Work On Your Listening Skills

Apart from investing in the best headsets, developing good listening skills is also a must for doing proper transcription. You should be able to make effective transcriptions in spite of the challenges like background noises, false accents, cross talk, and distracting voices.

None of your clients would want their transcription to have inaudible and crosstalk tags. If you want to be in demand for your work, focus on real business transcription rather than notation. Play the file as many times as you want and if you find difficulty understanding what is being said, choose to reduce the speed.

2. Make Your Grammar, & Spelling Proficiency Strong

There would be some transcription requirements that would be verbatim-specific, but there also be some that prefer non-verbatim transcripts. Therefore, a good transcriptionist should have powerful punctuation, grammar, and spelling proficiency to generate accurate transcripts without influencing the meaning of the original text.

Although there are various tools to do this job a manual touch is always beneficial to prevent basic yet embarrassing mistakes.

3. Pay Attention to detail

Once you are done transcribing the file, ensure to recheck it again to make sure you didn’t miss anything especially when it’s niche relevant industry transcription. Leaving out some words during transcription can easily happen but that could change the meaning of the entire sentence.

To become a good transcription artist, you should do thorough research to ensure readers understand the information that you want to convey.

4. Sharp Memory And Comprehension Skills Are Important

When you are a transcriber, you are more likely to interact with files coming from various countries, industries, and disciplines. Once you listen to the audio/video file, you should know what the topic or the context is that you need to transcribe.

For example, if you got something related to dance, you would need to link the terminologies in the file with the entertainment industry. Going through the terminologies of the industry you are going to transcribe for, will make your work much easier.

Of course, it would be a bit difficult to retain much information in one hearing. Therefore, here is a suggestion. Play the audio, grasp one or two sentences, pause it and then transcribe it till the time you have listened. This will help you to increase your speed. For more efficiency, you should know how to find transcription company.

5. Need Immense Focus & Determination

To become a good and trusted transcriptionist, you need to first work on your focus and determination to get the job done as per the client’s requirements. If you truly want to be a transcriptionist, you should be able to neglect all the unwanted distractions that could impact your concentration while doing transcription.

Working on these two things will make sure complete accuracy and on-time work delivery.

Transcription might sound very easy to do but it involves listening to the audio/video files and then converting them into text. But in reality, transcription is quite complicated and full of hard work. It needs your full involvement in the job to make sure your transcriptions are accurate.

Keep in mind that you need a lot of practice. It’s suggested to start as a freelancer so you know the powerful role of transcription.


If you have the urge to become a good and professional transcriptionist focus on the above-mentioned tips. Transcription is a complex job that needs concentration, attention, time, dedication, language skills, and sharp memory. Tridindia offers affordable transcription solutions, whether you require general transcription or industry-specific ones like legal transcription or medical transcription.

Our linguists have the proper skills and expertise to deliver you the best you can get. For in-depth detail of our solutions, call us at +91-8527599223 or send an instant quote now.

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