Why Industry Professionals Rely Upon Transcription? 6 Professionals That Need It

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In this competitive market, mistakes can be costly. This is true in the case of transcription. And if you come from certain high-stakes environments, the prominence on accuracy and quality is exponentially higher. So don’t you think knowing which industries most rely upon transcription is vital?

Transcription involves the conversation of an oral file, primarily video or audio, in a text form. The transcription industry is observing rapid growth. With technological advancement and the internet, information is bountiful in the oral form, which people want to document. Here comes the quick need of transcription to satisfy the requirements of various industries.

In this article, we will talk about the industry that need transcription.

Top 6 Professionals From Various Industries that Need Transcription

1. Law Firms, Paralegals, Court Reporters, and Attorneys

Leading industries that consider transcriptionists for legal transcription are paralegals, law firm members, attorneys, court reporters, and other legal experts. Be it court hearings or depositions, presentation of audio or video footage as witness statements, or evidence; most legal activities are transcribed quite randomly to make them more accessible to juries, lawyers, and judges.

When affordable transcription services in Mumbai for an audio or video file are used while the audio or video is played out in court, it makes sure that there is no room for misinterpretation.

2. Claims Adjusters and Other Insurance Professionals

Insurance experts mostly hire qualified typists to generate transcripts of claims investigations. These companies often need transcripts to be strict verbatim as everything must be documented with the highest accuracy. Hence, high-end audio transcription is mostly done in this industry.

Other materials to be transcribed involve statements, reports, and witness and victim interviews.

As with law and legal enforcement transcription, insurance transcription needs familiarity with legal terminology.

3. Students, Lecturers, & Doctorates

The transcription of material in the academic world benefits academicians and students alike. Examples include seminars, class lectures, videos, or other types of source materials for interviews, and research papers.

Many trustworthy colleges and universities now deliver their course content free online, which often includes transcripts mainly focus high-quality general transcription.

4. Media Professionals

PR agencies, journalists, and other media experts daily conduct interviews that need to be transcribed to release articles or press releases.

Closely related to journalists are brand storytellers as well as copywriters, who write on behalf of organizations. They mostly conduct interviews with the CEO or other executives, which then require to be transcribed for easy reference. According to professionals, one-on-one interviews are the most enjoyable type of transcription.

There are many online communities where you can network with copywriters and journalists, including LinkedIn and Facebook groups. This is one of the branded businesses that need transcription.

5. Market Researchers

As part of your market research, if you are going through some difficulty in gathering other data and feedback by conducting focus groups, interviews, or other outreach, you can make the majority of the data you collect by recording the accumulated material and getting the documents transcribed.

The importance of quality in transcription will make sure that you have a clean and accurate record of the exact responses from your participants, which can be thoroughly reviewed for the nuances of their reactions and observations, making your data as useful as possible.

6. Personal Development Coaches & Public Speakers

A rapidly growing offshoot of the digital marketing industry is personal development and coaching– specifically in the fitness, health and wellness, nutrition, and online business niches. Coaches develop many audio or video materials to engage their clients, including courses, seminars, live streams, and webinars.

Many coaches are very accustomed when working with assistants, so they may have other different types of freelance work to pass on to professionals, such as editing and content writing, WordPress formatting, social media management, and so on. To handle the common difficulties in transcription process, you should consider professionals for this task.


These are just some people from different industries who can get benefit from professional transcription. If you have analyzed that you need transcription, contact Tridindia. We have been delivering superior transcription solutions to many of the country’s independent scholars, research centers, top universities, as well as many state, local, and federal agencies for many years.

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