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Dubbing is a technique applied in TV productions, radio production, presentations, film making, and theater. This method includes dubbing artists bringing in a voice. Dubbing artists ensure they make your video content accessible to a global audience. To know about it deeply, read further..

Just imagine an instance where you can’t hear or read anything? It is a little scary, isn’t it? If you can, you should be thankful to god as many people cannot. Saying that clearly shows how much importance the voice and sound have in everyone’s lives and people just cannot imagine their lives without them. When it’s the matter of voice, every person has numerous voices, a varied tone, a different style, and an x-factor linked to it. Therefore, when it comes to hiring the right commercial dubbing company, corporate gets confused as there are many options available to them.

Using the wrong dubbing artist can lower the effectiveness of your video or other projects. So, what is the perfect way to go about it? Keep on reading to know briefly.

Tips To Choose The Right Dubbing Company


1. Consider The Nature Of Your Message

The nature of your message is the initial goal of your video: branding, inform, trigger sales, and so on. According to the message you will need to inquire about your target audience, and what is the perfect way to approach them. For instance, the majority of people will only watch ads for less than 10 seconds, but for explainer videos, you can provide a message in 30 seconds or one minute relying on what you need to accomplish. Therefore, accurate dubbing services in Bangalore are important for the video to get successful.

2. Male vs Female Dubbing

The most common question asked by customers is whether it is better to use a female or male dubbing artist. Studies on the effectiveness of a female Vs male audience are indefinite. It was found that around 46% believed that a female voice is more soothing, on the other hand, 48% found a male voice to be more commanding. Obviously, this hardly delivers conclusive evidence that one is better in comparison to the other. So does this mean that it genuinely does not matter whether you select a female or male voice? Not exactly. The problem with the study is that people are not specifically good at assessing why a specific voice is engaging. Many marketing professionals suggest that there are many good reasons to select a female over a male dubbing talent vice versa.

In general, the point is that a male dubbing talent is better if the customer is male and a female voice is preferable if the audience is female. That said, it is vital to test these assumptions by analyzing both male and female dubbing artists with your target demographic. You can correctly use importance of business translation for your profit.

3. Meet Quality & Budget At The Same Time

Now, you even got a winner, now what else? Just hire him/her? Yes, it is the last step but before you hire dubbing artists, first see whether or not the talent or the firm is cost-effective or according to your budget. See, it is significant to meet quality first and then care about the budget but you require to look after both! So, we hope you now get how to hire the best dubbing artists from dubbing solutions.

4. Speed And Pace

Time limit analyzes the length of the script, and hence the amount of information in the video. However you can use professionals to analyze everything, but before that know why business need translation service. You must find a way of striking a balance between onscreen as well as dubbing action. This asks examination of the dubbing artist’s speed of reading. While at this, make sure not to overload your script with details.

The dubbing talent should also provide the audience sufficient time to digest what you are conveying.

5. Test With Your Target Demographic

You might look like the sound of a specific dubbing artist but how does it resonate with your audience? If the target market for your product is females aging from 35-55 years old, then you need to have women who fit that description to hear the dubbing demos. The amount of demographic testing that you have to do will rely on the eventual reach of the commercial video. If the video will only require a relatively small reach then requesting five or so people who meet your demographic situation may be enough.

If you are choosing to prefer the crucial role of voice over for an ongoing, national campaign then you will require much more meticulous testing.


The right dubbing artist can make an actual difference to the effectiveness of your commercial video. Take the time to consider what you want that voice to convey and analyze your options carefully. Here at Tridindia, we take care of the entire process for you. From animation to dubbing.

Contact us at +91-8527599201 or leave a mail at [email protected] for more information on how an animated video can assist your business.


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