Why Human Translation is Preferred For Effective Marketing?

The discussion on Human translator or Machine translator is a highly arguable topic enlightening several factors such as cost, accuracy, preferences, etc. If you think translation as a merely a process of changing text from one language to another then many people will prefer machine translation but if you add quality, correctness, credibility and several other factors then human translation is most preferred.

It doesn’t matter whether your business is small, medium or large you need marketing to create awareness of your products. But sometimes at international market, promotion get difficult when your marketing materials is not as per the required language of audiences.

For effective marketing, your promotional activity has to be done with respect to the native language of that country otherwise no matter how much money you have putted in, without showing ad in their language your efforts will fail you.

So what you’re going to do? You would definitely take help of translation in order to create awareness, sales and revenues. We don’t want you to suffer loss that’s why we are bringing out several points that why human translation is recommended over machine translation for all your efforts:

• Translating all written documents:

Human translation is mostly preferred by most of the organization as they are capable in handling any type of documents whether it’s a book, research paper, product information, manuals, ads, website, etc.

• Creating personal touch with audience:

Let’s say you’ve created the leaflet with amazing tagline which would appeal to most of the audiences expect the one who don’t understand your language, how your leaflet is going to appeal them? Effective Human translation maintains the tone, sound, message and emotional factor of your ad without hindering its quality.

• Accurate information:

It is true that machine translation cheap way to convert text into any language but should also be aware of that they’re not 100 percent accurate. This is where human translation gain edge over machine translation when we take grammar and idioms in account for proper sentence formation.


Translation is a technical process and only human can understand the gravity of it. Many worldwide organizations prefer human translation as they don’t want to jeopardize the reputation, credibility and goodwill of organization by showing wrong ad information to their audiences. For marketing effort to be effective you need to respect other country culture, tradition and language. A machine can’t understand thus but a human translator can.

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