Importance of Advertising Translation: How it Makes Marketing Campaign Successful?

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Advertising is becoming increasingly important among brands in the global marketplace. Let’s imagine that your company want to launch a great product and you are aiming to sell it globally. How your brand will maintain its real identity, despite the journey from one language to another or different languages or cultures? How will this transition become smooth? Well, advertising translation will play an important role here.

Do know what makes advertising engaging? The capability to understand the consumer’s motives, needs, emotions in a way that consumers get engaged. What shows the consumer’s communication style? Yes, the consumer’s cultural value. The cultural lens also helps in determining the consumer’s interpersonal communication style, which is how they respond to the world. Mentioning these essential factors of culturally appropriate communication styles in advertising, translation of ads becomes like the heart of every marketing campaign.

Here, we have summed up some points that show the importance of top-notch advertising translation.

Key Importance of Advertising Translation

1. Connect with Foreign-Speaking Markets

Obviously, the major reason international brands want advertising translation is for connecting with the markets they are targeting. As the internet has given everyone a global communication platform, it has only made cultural differences more visible.

When you think of some of the well-grown markets like India, China, Brazil and Russia, you know how diverse the global marketplace is. The limitation of English is immediately becoming apparent.

2. Encourage International Trade

Translation of advertisements is defined as the medium to communicate a company’s exportation of its products and services. It helps a company to reach the product to an extended customer base. There are various types of projects that need proper translation for advertising content and that includes press releases, brochures, magazines, leaflets, catalogues, website and so on. Advertising translation has become very beneficial for initiating international trade. Companies need to make changes in their strategies, as per the preferences of the target local customers.

An effective advertising strategy may not provide you results as expected if it is not done appropriately. Translation service providers assist the companies in customizing and communicating the message correctly to the target customers in their own language.

3. Get the Same Response in Every Market

The common mistake that almost every brand make with advertising translation is thinking that the same message is going to get the same response in every market. For some companies, this can work effectively when the product image is equally established in each market.

For instance, famous cars are focused on high earners in each market so the image such brands has are similar in every market. This is the reason why you can see the same video played in various markets for famous brands, as there is consistency in the emotions.

The majority of brands have to work really hard, and this is what you can observe from brands like L’Oréal, Coca-Cola, and other big brands that try to adapt their messages for every target market. Basically, the broader your target market is, the more you will need high-quality human translation for content.

4. Communicate The Core Message Effectively

The intended goal of advertising is to remind or to inform. These goals are particularly defined as:

a)- Spreading awareness
b)- Motivating a want or desire
c)- Sharing knowledge
d)- Establishing an image
e)- Boosting sales
f)- shaping attitudes

When the objectives are conveyed properly, the translator understands the core message efficiently. Then the correct message gets conveyed in a different language for a specific set of audience in a communication style they prefer the most.

Professional advertising translation has become synonymous with international brands over the past many years, all thanks to the global platform the internet has provided. As long as you take the process really dedicatedly and show your target audience that you value them by reaching out in their own language, you will continue to expand your customer base.

Here, you will need an experienced translation company to do the process accurately.


Nowadays, companies know that their marketing strategies should be created by keeping in mind their target audience. And this needs professional translation solutions. So, when you need to advertise your products and services in another language, whatever the media is, turn to the reputed translation company- Tridindia.

With our professional translators, we can provide you with translations that can satisfy all your expectations and increase your business reach. Call us at +91-8527599523 or send a instant quote today to know more.

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