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With the huge advancement in technology, the use of video content is becoming enormously popular. By 2022, approximately 82% of all online traffic will be generated from the video content. How is this possible? The answer is “Captioning” because this technique has the power to make any video content much more creative and accessible. Not just from a business point of view, the importance of captioning is growing due to the huge increase in the deaf and hard of hearing population.

Captioning is termed as the “ technique that includes splitting the transcript texts into chunks, called ‘caption frames,’ as well as time-coding every frame to match with the audio of a video. Captions drive viewers to go along with the audio as well as video or captions interchangeably.” Several laws and guidelines need video captions for movies, educational videos, training videos, television shows, government videos, YouTube video blogs, and more.

You might be thinking captioning is needed because it’s a technical requirement that has to be checked off a list to stay safe from litigation. To overcome this tendency, this blog will focus on explaining to you the top reasons that why you need affordable captioning solutions for your video content in this day and age.

Growing Importance of Captioning for your Video Content

1- Increase audience attention and comprehension

Captions increases capturing and keeping your audience’s attention, as understood by the fact that video with caption has lengthy viewing time. These lengthy viewing times not just help you resonate your message with the target audience, but they can also make your content perform well on different search engines.

Captions also better reading skills by giving learning readers more exposure to the written word – as per various studies.

2- Make your content engaging with (without sound)

When we are always on the go, we never always want the sound to come out from our devices. Captioning helps audiences to watch videos as well as streams easily, no matter where they are or what they’re doing. This is the reason, today every industry hires a professional agency to receive valuable Closed Captioning and turn their ordinary video into meaningful content.

According to some studies, 80% of individuals are also more likely to view a complete video when it has captions, rather than just watching the starting part of it or skipping through.

This is due to captions that enhance the viewing experience. That’s why you always need to caption your content.

3- Boost the accessibility of your content

Closed captioning has always initially been used as a technique for boosting the accessibility of your media content for those experiencing disabilities, specifically those viewers with some kind of hearing loss.

Approximately 5% of the worldwide population includes deaf or hard-of-hearing individuals, and not having captions on your media can reduce their chances of getting engaged with your content.

If you want every viewer to be able to make the most of your content, you need to invest in accurate, synchronized, and reliable Video Captioning for your videos that can do just that.

4- Maximize the use of online video

How viewers engage with as well as consume media is transforming drastically. The online world is bringing up new approaches to engage more audiences with content in ways that are impossible before on traditional media platforms. This includes developing content as well as media that can be promoted utilizing social media.

Social media has become a great game-changer in the past decade. Around 82% of Twitter users watch video content on the platform and around 45% of all viewers watch Facebook or YouTube videos for more than an hour.

Users of non-traditional media will more often view videos even if they don’t have headphones or when they’re on public transport. The accurate Closed Captioning for Social Media Videos can ensure they still comprehend the content and simply make the content grab attention of the viewers on marketing platforms

In Conclusion

By now, you might have understood all the best ways that captioning can improve your content. A wider audience, improved engagement, better accessibility as well as more flexibility – all these will help make your content bloom in the online world.

Whether you want captions for live streams, recorded video, broadcast, or something else, just get in touch with the captioning experts of Tridindia. Just reach out to us at +91-8527599201 or send us an instant quote today.

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