Importance of Consecutive interpretation: 4 Reasons Why To Invest in Consecutive Interpretation?

Consecutive interpretation is one of that highly skilled and simple solution that permits the business world to operate more efficiently. It allows people who speak different languages to communicate prominently in a professional setting.

The method of consecutive interpretation does not depend on equipment like microphones, soundproof booths, audio consoles, or headphones. The professional consecutive interpreter just uses a pen and a notepad to take the notes and then uses symbols to convey the words. Unlike simultaneous interpreting in which the interpreter needs to communicate information simultaneously, a consecutive interpreter only speaks when the speaker is done with his/her speech or when a break occurs in between the speech.

In consecutive interpretation, an interpreter needs to practice active listening, analyzing what the speaker is saying by taking notes and maintaining visual contact with the speaker rather than concentrating on just notes.

Here, in this article, we will learn more about the importance of precise consecutive interpretation.

Major Importance of Consecutive Interpretation

1. Maintain the Tone and Correct Words of the Message

In consecutive interpretation, the delivery of the message is more fluent and emotional. The consecutive interpreter has more time to prepare for the language nuances and to select the words very carefully. This type of solution does not need electronic, audio, technical equipment, and soundproof booths as well. The high-quality translation is beneficial because the interpreter has more time to prepare, which will assist them to choose the tone of the message and the appropriate words in the target language.

The attention of the participants in the discussion and meeting increases as they understand the message easily without any hassle.

2. The Audience Will Listen

It can be very challenging to focus on one person, so imagine how much it would be difficult to listen to two different voices at once. This sometimes can happen with simultaneous interpreting, people need to follow two different types of body language, voices, and gestures. Dividing the time between the actual speech and the translation makes the audience give more attention. To understand it properly, you need to know what does an interpreter do.

Furthermore, many listeners are probably to better understand the concepts as they will automatically compare the speeches in both languages. Those who understand words from different languages may want to guest what would be said next.

3. High-quality Translation

Consecutive interpretation is one of the popular types of interpretation where words of the speaker are translated by an interpreter in the language of the participants. In this type of interpretation, the quality of translation is better. This is because interpreters get a lot of time to make themselves ready so they can choose the correct words to fit in the sentence.

In consecutive interpreting, the interpreter does not have to keep in mind everything that the speaker is saying as he would have enough time to write down the notes. While this type of interpretation is not appropriate for every type of conference, it is an effective option for business meetings or conferences that has many participants. According to your needs, choose suitable interpretation solutions.

4. Reliability of the Translation

It does not matter how well experienced an interpreter is, delivering a simultaneous interpretation solution won’t guarantee quality as it has been done in a rush. The simultaneous interpretation of the speech from a different language gives the interpreter no time to think about the speech and find the most appropriate words. Whereas consecutive interpretation gives time to the interpreter to rethink the speech, make notes about the important things discussed, and then put frame correct sentences to convey the right message while maintaining the original intent.

Furthermore, the time allows the interpreter to pay good attention to small details, including expressed emotions and body language. Professional consecutive interpretation makes it possible to gain knowledge about the subject efficiently and make the interpretation more appropriate.

Lastly, consecutive interpretation does not only require language-relevant content but is also culturally appropriate. Professional interpreters should have knowledge of the culture of the language they are interpreting. If a statement has been given in one language, a good interpreter would have the capability to transform it into a correct statement that the audience can understand. To know about it properly, learn how language interpreters translate.


Consecutive interpretation doesn’t come without challenges. Therefore, it’s necessary that a professional interpreter is chosen. By hiring Tridindia, a professional interpretation company, you can get many experienced and specialized interpreters who can provide accurate consecutive interpretations. With our team of highly-qualified interpreters, we can offer interpretation in more than 150 languages.

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