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More than 100 million hours of video are being watched by people on Facebook every day. About 80% of media users watch promotional videos without any sound. So, how can you ignore the importance of subtitling? It’s a core strength of every video.

There are tweets that reflect the viewer’s appreciation for subtitles in today’s world. We all have come a long way from failing to understand foreign videos to appreciating linguistically diverse visual content and utilizing subtitling of skilled experts. Earlier we have explained to you subtitling translation practices, we talked about the art of subtitling. While you may understand why your videos need subtitles, you may still be unsure about how appropriate they will be for your industry.

So, here is the importance of subtitling in various industries.

The Importance Of Subtitling In Top 5 Industries

1. Subtitling For E-learning

Given its dependability on visual content, the e-learning industry has been quick to appreciate the art of subtitling. Many popular mobile applications and e-learning web add subtitles to their videos, adding to the experience of audio-visual learning. There are many convincing reasons why your online video courses must have subtitle translation In India:

♦ Subtitles covers poor audio quality
♦ They help specially-abled students learn more efficiently.
♦ The text in subtitle files can be indexed and crawled by search engines in the search results for appropriate keywords.

2. Subtitling For The Technical & Engineering Industry

All the technological advancements we are witnessing today are making the world advanced, mainly by boosting everyone’s accessibility to information via mobile devices. However, how do you make your product genuinely accessible to consumers residing in every part of the world? By sounding familiar and talking to them in their language.

A video showing the work of a machine or product is more ‘show’ and less ‘tell’. It is quite natural for your viewers to become so focused on the visuals that they miss out on a couple of words and, automatically, lose the context of the video.

The error free subtitling services ensure that your viewers don’t miss out on anything and understand the idea completely.

3. Subtitling For The Medicine & Health-Care Industry

The medicine and health care industry’s interest in visual content is with videos about the advantages of various health and hygiene products and services. Meanwhile, health departments and government health organizations operating around the world have been taking benefit of the visual medium to promote knowledge, awareness, and sharing.

When it’s the matter of spreading awareness about diseases, medical care communities, and health issues, videos are the best medium.

Especially, when there is subtitling as it does not only assist viewers to get information instantly but also makes them connect with it at a more personal level.

4. Subtitling For Travel & Hospitality

The hospitality and travel industry has been generating fabulous videos about culture, food, and lifestyle, as can be seen on social media accounts of many popular travel brands and influencers. It is sub-industries that have been benefiting massively from videos and high grade dubbing, too:

♦ Transportation – airlines, railways, etc.
♦ Travel agencies
♦ Hotels/Accommodation
♦ Luxury brands like luggage, travel accessories, etc.

If your brand is related to the travel industry, you are most definitely catering to the customers from different cultures, linguistic groups, and countries. Adding multilingual subtitles to your videos is a fabulous way of targeting your potential customers speaking various languages and also those who are not native speakers of your language.

5. Subtitling For Entertainment, Advertising, & Media

The most important credit for supporting subtitling should go to the media and entertainment industry. From using subtitles to increase the authenticity of video productions for using subtitles as a humor device, this industry has come a long way. Many content creators on YouTube have enhanced subtitling and are employing subtitling translators to make sure they get quality subtitles.


The industries mentioned above are taking massive advantage of video content with subtitles, other industries like law and order, gaming, software development, e-commerce, and customer service are also doing best in embracing subtitles. At Tridindia, we make sure that the subtitles are accurate and have mirror cultural specifications so that the content does not lose its authenticity. Our subtitling experts can paraphrase the subtitles to match the exact meaning of the video within the deadline. We understand the importance of your viewers and too retain them is our top priority.

To know more about our services, reach us at [email protected] or call us at +91-8527599201 now


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