The Importance Of Simultaneous Interpretation [A Detailed Study]

Have you ever thought that why most of the multinational companies often require simultaneous interpretation? Why interpretation has become so important in today’s world? As every industry is growing the need for simultaneous interpretation is also growing. Be it education or medical, travel, or entertainment, the importance of simultaneous interpretation in every industry is massive.

Not only simultaneous interpretation allows speakers to share their ideas in their native language but also ensures that the multilingual conference gets good results. Use simultaneous interpretation as an asset, it’s not a weakness. It is a great way to bring your message to your foreign-speaking participant. Keep in mind, a good simultaneous interpretation can make a massive difference in your deals. To make you understand more clearly, we have gathered information about the importance of simultaneous interpretation in various industries.

So, let’s begin with it…

The Importance Of Simultaneous Interpretation In Top 6 Industries

1. Training & Consulting

Nowadays more and more companies are operating globally, hence the need to hire local workforce and multilingual staff is increasing. Most of them deliver training for their workers, who speak some other languages. For multilingual training seminar, which can be done in one venue and broadcast through live streaming over the internet, simultaneous interpreting is very applicable. Human resource consultants get benefit from high-end interpretation services as it helps them to increase client base and enhance their services because they can offer their expertise to clients overseas.

2. Insurance Industry

These days as the risk of life is increasing, the need for insurance is also reaching heights, and most of them who need insurance belong to various cultures and speak their native languages. Thus, the insurance industry needs a simultaneous interpreter who can make them understand the complexities of getting insurance, fill up their insurance form accurately, and know their obligations when signing up for insurance, be it is for worker’s compensation, home insurance, auto insurance, or health insurance.

An effective simultaneous interpretation can make them understand well. And also, with simultaneous interpretation, the provider doesn’t have to wait for the interpreter to finish his/her sentence while having a discussion with the insurer. The process of having insurance will go smoothly.

3. Banking, Finance & Business

Communication is very important for this industry. We are living in a global economy where banks and other financial institutions have to negotiate and deal with clients all over the world. And therefore the need for a dedicated simultaneous conference interpreter is massive in this industry. Interpreters can help facilitate the conversation, whether it is in-person, through video, or teleconference. What is necessary is to select an interpreter who has the right set of skills needed for simultaneous interpretation.

Aside from the fluency and continuous flow in the language, interpreters should also have specializations, so they can interpret for various business categories appropriately, whether it is about gas exploration or the export of commodities.

4. Public Schools & Government Services

The immigrant population in every state is increasing, which clearly shows that the number of people who do not speak a common language is getting higher. Schools with large immigrant student population need interpreters to communicate efficiently with students and their patients in the same language they understand. Although the immigrant children are taught the language which is spoken in school, their parents and relatives might not be capable of understanding that particular language.

Different branches of government that have direct contact with the public should know what is simultaneous interpretation to make sure proper dissemination of information.

5. Event Production

Event production is not just limited to concerts. It also involves the production of large-scale meetings and conferences. International conferences need simultaneous interpretation. In this industry, simultaneous interpretation is preferred more to quickly get everyone to understand without consuming much time.

6. Humanitarian Services

Government agencies, NGOs, and private organizations delivering humanitarian services surely need simultaneous interpretation as they serve people, mainly the marginalized ones, who speak some other language, as well as those with hearing impairment. You can’t ignore the fact why businesses find simultaneous interpreting important in humanitarian services. In emergencies, interpreters are important in helping people to remain calm and follow all the directions. They can explain what the warnings actually mean, where they should go and what they should do. They can pass on important information to first respondents in case of any vehicular accidents, or before, during, and after the occurrence of natural disasters.

There are laws that have asked different government units to deliver interpreters to facilitate communication.


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