Importance of Telugu Transcription: Top 5 Industries where it is Important

Transcription solutions are generally categorized into 3 categories, which is legal, medical and general. But the truth is that there are top industries that utilize professional transcription to target widespread population of Telugu speakers.

Approx. 75 million people speaks Telugu all around the world. The language is primarily spoken in Southeaster India and is the official language of the states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. Due to the huge population of Telugu speakers, companies are focusing on transcribing their meetings or videos or audios in Telugu language. As the world is shifting to digital platforms top-notch transcription solutions have become very important support system.

Everyone nowadays is recording essential events like client meetings, academic lectures, and so on. People mostly lack in noting down essential points while transcribing a recording by themselves, and this is where the vital role of Telugu transcription comes into the limelight.

In this blog we will discuss the major importance of accurate Telugu transcripton.

Importance of Telugu Transcription In Top5 Industries

1- Video Production

Everyone is consuming video these days. Over a billion hours of video are watched every day on social platforms. Professional transcription is important in the video world as many individuals prefer consuming video without any sound due to accessibility, personal preference, making transcription important.

Having transcription for your videos can be little time consuming. Transcriptions create files that assist in maintaining notes of the events, meetings, or conferences.

2- Media and Journalism

Information is the core point to journalism and providing the information as soon as possible to the audiences is an important aspect of media. Today, a journalist doesn’t have to worry about noting down everything and at the same time taking an interview. Now, journalist can just take interviews while getting it recorded. Later the recorded interview will be transcribed by experts, which can be used to publish their news. This will also assists in generating archive of reports, which the journalists can go through whenever needed.

Transcription has made life easier for individuals in the media and journalism industry. All these things are making media or effective transcription for business inevitable.

3- Academic

All the schools and universities prefer having transcription solutions to transcribe seminars, lectures and so on to get accurate and error-free notes. Similarly, students who are doing diploma, Master’s and Ph.D also utilize transcription to take reference of their interviews in preparation for theses as well as studies. Beside colleges and universities, secondary and primary schools also utilize transcription to efficiently transcribe classes and meetings as well.

4- Law

In the list of industries or fields that require transcription solutions is law. Saying that if you have a law organization then your business will probably need professional transcription solutions. Now, you might think why transcription is important in law? This is solely because all the information can be easily shared with the juries, judges, and lawyers. Hence, affordable transcription of video content is important.

Transcription in this industry ranges from witness statements to audio or video evidence. It is also important when it’s the matter of court hearing depositions. When prominently transcribed no parties involved will improperly transcribe the actual information shared in the court.

5- Podcast and YouTubers

Transcription has become very famous among podcasters, especially in the recent times. Therefore, podcasts should be transcribed properly so that it becomes really convenient for search engines to go through your content and enhance the visibility on the SERPs. Reliable podcast transcription helps you by providing discover ability in SERPs page. These transcribed podcasts can also be used as content for blogs. Hence there is a great benefit of reliable transcription for business.


Audio and video are the most effective ways to connect with your audience or followers, but adding text to it comes with its own benefits. Not only can professional transcripts assist your audience on different levels, it can also assist you organize the information collected over time. When you need transcription solutions for your business, be at ease by partnering with Tridindia.

We offer top-notch and reliable transcription of media files and meet the specific deadlines. For reaching us, call us at +91-8527599223 or send us an instant quote now.

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