Why Transcription Of Audio/Video Content Is Needed In The Modern Digital World

The modern digital world demands you (your business) to have high exposure on Google. The more the customers are aware of your brand, the more they are likely to get engaged with your brand. If you are able to succeed in this, you are probably positioned as a successful company in the digital world. Or else you have to struggle to gain that position. Those who can relate to this will clearly understand the importance of devising clever marketing strategies in the digital world. Your success depends on the planning and implementation of these strategies. So, why not try transcription of audio video content as a pivotal element of your marketing strategy this time?

In the present scenario, where

87% of marketing professionals consider video as a great marketing tool, and
85% of the online population in the US like to watch video content online,

transcribing videos definitely makes sense.

Here in this blog, we will explore why it is essential for business owners to transcribe their audio-video content. So, scroll down to learn the importance of transcription in the modern business world.

What Is Transcription?

Before we go any further, it is essential to understand the meaning of the term ‘transcription’. It is the process of converting an audio or video file into text format. While providing reliable audio transcription, an expert usually listens to the audio recording, understands the context, and type the information in text format. Most of the transcribers even research on the given subject to ensure quality.

Here what you need to understand is the fact that transcription is not easy. Most of the business owners have a notion that listening to an audio and writing the information within is a kid’s play. Hence, they often assign the task to any random employee in their staff. Not just this disturbs the job responsibilities of the employee, but also hampers the quality of transcripts. Probably, this may be the reason that is keeping you away from success.

Why Do You Need Transcription Of Audio & Video?

Anything in written format is obviously beneficial for a business owner as it serves as a proof of something when required at a later date. For example, if you want to check what type of video content got you the most number of visits a few years ago, transcripts will help you analyze it quickly. It will also be easier for you to disseminate the information among your employees.

Video content with captions increases the views by 40%. The CTA clicks also decrease (almost by 26%) if captions are removed from the video.

In addition, transcription is essential for the following reasons –

1. Improved Accessibility

Transcription helps in creating closed captions for videos, which in turn, provides easy accessibility of video content to the deaf and hearing-impaired individuals. This implies that by outsourcing audio video transcription, you will be able to attract more than 466 million people who have been reported to suffer from hearing loss, according to the WHO reports. In addition, transcripts help people enjoy your video in sound-sensitive environment. If a person is travelling through a public vehicle and forgot his headphones at home, he can still understand the video (on mute) with the help of video transcripts.

2. Improve SEO

For every business owner in the digital marketing world, SEO is the most important element that needs major attention. Search engines cannot read or crawl videos or audios on your website. Hence, transcription of audio and video content is highly recommended so that the Google spiders can crawl and index the written text. This will not just improve your ranking but also increase the number of organic views on the video. Do not forget to optimize the transcripts with specific keywords that will help you rank higher in the top SERPs. You will be amazed to know that 7 out of 10 digital marketing experts optimize their video for SEO.

3. Creating a Lead Magnet

One of the major benefits of transcription of audios and videos is that it helps in creating a lead magnet, which in turn, grows your email list and drives more traffic to your website. Creating quality video content is not an easy task. But, you can use the video transcripts to repurpose the content as Ebook, Infographics, Blog Posts, Social network posts, Word or PDF Downloadable content, or Email marketing content. So, the same video content can be used in numerous ways to engage the audience and generate more leads.

Be it improving your global outreach, exploring opportunities, or optimizing your marketing efforts according to the user preferences, transcripts help you with everything. At TridIndia, we provide you with something extra. We are known to offer quality video transcription in the USA along with a translation of transcripts in any Indian or foreign language. So, while you with us, you can target a global audience through the same in different languages.

If you wish to reach a 10x larger audience in the international market, call us right away at +91-8527599223. We will help you get the best transcription solutions within your budget.

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