The Importance of Telugu Translation [6 Industries Based Facts]

Around 74 million people in the world speak Telugu. It clearly shows that if you target Telugu speaking countries then your business can reach to many audiences. So, seeing this don’t you think the importance of Telugu translation is massive?

In an era of mass globalization, working on a global scale is now important to many businesses. Even the smallest companies might require to cater to international clients, many of whom will speak various languages than the company’s own. Though the translation is beneficial for any business heading for the expansion in some other country, there are some industries to which it is specifically important.

Here is a list of 6 of the industries that most need reliable translation service providers.

The Importance Of Telugu Translation in 6 Powerful Industries

1. Video Game Industry

These days, gaming has become an essential part of the lifestyle of the general population. Gaming has become a billion-dollar industry. And it utilizes translation to increase its growth also. Just like the entertainment industry, it also utilizes all types of translation. But the main is a voice-over and subtle translation.

2. Social Media Industry

Telugu translations are a must for social media platforms. The social media giants utilize translation to assist people to connect with other people in languages other than English. Other social media platforms can get an advantage with the assistance of translation.

Social media websites contain not only technical material but also aspects that require top-notch Telugu translation in Pune and localization techniques as well.

3. Journalism Industry

Journalism is still an essential aspect of our daily lives. Translation can also play an essential role as a part of this industry. Telugu translation in this industry consists of a human translator, interpretation work, transcription along with the written translation.

4. Entertainment Industry

The entertainment industry is the biggest consumer of Telugu translation. Although translation did not emerge to aid the entertainment industry, it has become an important part of it. The entertainment industry involves television shows, movies, and books as well. Even the music industry is the top most consumer of the translation industry. The entertainment industry is one of the top industries rely upon Telugu translation. But it mainly uses voice-overs and subtitles.

With translation, the entertainment industry can gain a lot of success and many more appreciations.

5. Websites And The Software Industry

People all over the world who have access to the web can view any site on the internet. They can view the contents and products on the website. It is like an open market. Hence, if a site has translations in various languages, they can grow their market and reach by many folds.

All top websites on the internet utilize translation techniques to reach the global market. The same is with software products. Software industries have their use everywhere across the world. So, if the software is present in various languages, they are actually increasing their reach in the market with very less investment.

This might have given you a clear understanding why is website translation essential. The content there on the site is about the products and services. But software products usually contain technical content that requires professional translation. So, a translator with sufficient technical knowledge and a good amount of language experience is appropriate for Telugu translation.

6. Finance Industry

Every individual in this world can conveniently understand the language of money. Money is one of the few things which connects people from all over the world. International and national banks both use translation as one of their tools. Websites, ATMs, and instructions inside a bank office utilize translation to assist provide their customers.

Companies that believe that the rest of the world will adjust to English content should prepare to lose something or the other every year. It is only a matter of time before translating every written word in various languages will become a must. This is the perfect time to go for major types of language translation and enjoy the perks of being one of the pioneers.


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