Importance of Translation in Cyber Security and Data Privacy

If you want to learn more about the Translation in Cyber Security and Data Privacy, then there are some more to it for you to consider. Individuals and businesses around world that are connected to internet are always under threat of any kind of cyber-attacks. Therefore, it is mandatory to learn the importance of cyber security. There have been some great cyber-attacks recently. So, that might be of some major concerns as those have already made some headlines. There have been some companies already targeted. Cyber-attacks might cause corporations to lose some money at around $300 billion to around $1 trillion!

Now the main question is what is cyber security? It is also known as information technology security, which involves methods of protecting data, networks, programs and computers from unauthorized access and attacks to exploit information. Cyber security is known to cover various key areas like information security, application, and data recovery and network security. Just like professional human translators, they hold some importance in terms of business growth and safety as well.

Connection Between Cyber Security And Translation:

For some people, it is hard to understand the line between translation and cyber security. If you really think that way, then you are wrong. Translation is more about bridging communication gaps. In this field of cyber security, it might make things a bit more apparent to persons who are going to read translation, whether as guidelines, warning or just procedure. Technology is one such field with its more terms and jargon that only IT pros and associates of the business might understand. Novices are just concerned to use the computer right and other devices and might not know how to operate precisely or the procedures involved in smooth functions.

To understand the threats associated with company, the IT department should have some of the warnings, guidelines and procedures translated into straightforward and easy understandable language. It means educating the senior company leaders. It is hard to deny that even if senior leaders can use latest models of laptops, computers and tablets, most of them are aware of basic operations only. For computer break down, they will ask IT experts for help. Well, cyber threats are too real and so, everyone needs to be aware of what cyber security actually involves.

Major Types Of Cyber Threats:

Right now, most English speaking countries are well aware of the cyber threats which are taking lace worldwide. So, they are actually quite happy to know more about this subject well. In current years, these are termed to be more prevalent threats to the IT security department.

You have the malware in cloud and even Big Data breaches
Some threats are associated with ransom ware that attacks computers, servers, laptops and even smartphones
Then you have issues with botnets and even social engineering, spam and most common phishing

Most Demanded Languages:

Translation firms have always felt increase in demand for the cyber security based translations in 2017. These security practitioners are in need of translations in multiple languages. As per the projections, the increase was just around 280% for the 14 of the most popular languages right from January to June 2017 when compared to the same period for the previous year. From the requested language pairs, it is quite possible to gauge extent of cyber threats in so many corners of globe. It is quite surprising that English to Danish translation always came first. In no such particular order, the translation requests from English are in some major languages.

• Korean
• Latin American Spanish
• Traditional mandarin
• Brazilian Portuguese
• European Spanish
• Turkish
• Dutch
• Japanese
• Italian
• Russian
• German, and
• Simplified Mandarin

These languages as mentioned have already showed some of the big growths in the current translation projects for sure.

Cyber-Attacks In Japan:

Now, you might have learned quite a bit about the Japanese Translation but do you even aware of the cyber-attack in Japan? In the year 2016, cyber-attacks on the companies, which were located in Japan, caused the leak of over 12.6 million corporate based information, which is no doubt crucial! Another ransomware, namely WannaCry hit over 500 companies located in Japan. The country, known for its leading high technology, was quite vulnerable to cyber crimes. Even the Honda Motors plant located in Sayama had to shut operations down for the time being because of damage caused by WannaCry to computer network of local plant.

Cyber-Attacks In Russia:

Most of the people think that Russia is one major source of multiple cyber-attacks. Just like taking quick look at the Russian translations, it is mandatory to know more about the cyber based crimes related in this matter. It is shocking to know that Russia is also quite vulnerable to cybercrimes, which was brought about increase of English demand to the translation of cyber security.

It was the Petya, which attacked Danish companies and also some of the larger Russian organizations as Rosneft, which is also the country’s largest producer of oil and some other targets like airports and banks. A larger cyber security firm in Russia, Kaspersky stated that WannaCry affected multiple computers in Russia with thousands of them in office of the Interior Ministry.

Cyber-Attacks In Denmark:

Right at beginning of 2017, Denmark saw growth of the threats associated with cyber security in country, which is the primary reason to be on top of list of languages requested for the cyber security based translation services. Even the translation agencies were called for some great help during such instances. But, these attacks did not take place in 2017. There were mainly some cyber-attacks in Denmark from 2015. During that time, the email accounts and servers of multiple staff members of the Danish defence min9ster and foreign were attacked multiple times. The Denmark’s transport and logistics giant, Maersk, was quite paralyzed in the late 2017 by Petya ransomware. The hospitals and Danish energy infrastructure were also made vulnerable to the cybercrimes as per the Defence minister of Denmark. Not only that, but Denmark was also quite vulnerable to the Phishing attacks. Similarly, the county suffered from the DDoS attacks from various Turkish hacking firms in March 2017.

Cybercrimes In Turkey:

Some believe that these cyber-attacks on Turkey were associated with the political arena over here in 2016. At that time, a coup attempt failed against the PresidentRecep Tayyip Erdoğan. During that time, the president exerted efforts for improving digital and physical infrastructure in Turkey with efforts to strengthen out his regime. It was the Turkish government that invested quite a lot in cyber security which promoted increase in demands for the English to Turkish and even some Brazilian Portuguese Translation services in late 2016.

Turkey made some good efforts to prevent cyber-attacks from taking place. Even the National Intervention Centre recruited multiple skilled IT pros with some former computer hackers to improve cyber defence. It is mandatory to note that in 2016, Turkey was one in top 10 lists of countries more prone to cyber threats.

Why Do Cyber Attacks Take Place:

Cyber-attacks comprises of sabotage and data security. Hackers are always tempted to steal the personal data and some intellectual property data. Whenever a business is cyber-attacked it can endanger the company to the claims of negligence and regulatory actions, which will force the company to fail matching its financial obligations. When such steps take place, the customers and translation agencies become fragile as injured parties.

Cybercrimes can take place anywhere and the attacks are quite undetected. It mainly takes place in industries where access to confidential data and documents are hard to get. These crimes do not operate locally anymore. With faster and stronger internet connection, they can always operate across globe. It means that experts have to be vigilant. Responding to the attacks demands some local regulatory and knowledge of the globalized vision.

Importance Of Translation In Cyber Security:

As cybercrimes grow, it is known that government and companies are putting in place best info obtainable in English speaking nations. They are willing to protect them to threats to cyber security. The responsibility for the current cyber security as shifted from IT section to senior management with IT section. It has become important for the IT department to offer high level based management guidance and background on intricate world of the IT and features associated with actions of the IT environment and reality associated with cyber threats.

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