Which Countries Have The Most English Speakers – Top 6 List !!!!

English is considered as the universal language. Now the question lies Which Countries Have The Most English Speakers Worldwide? The language carries 840 million users. About 355 million populations consider English as their first language. Here we will enlist different countries with English language users. The facts and figures will sound really interesting.

1. United States

It is a matter of surprise the former colonists could not make use of English language fluently but it has highest number of English language speakers. About 225 million Americans first language preference is English. So America is at the top of the list in English speaking skills and the English speaking population.

2. India

India ranks second in this list. The country has 125 million English speakers. A research report says Indians makes better use of English plus Hindi intermix Hinglish in comparison to English. This may sound funny. But the reality is due to low literacy rate the English language is not used in a proficient manner. Instead many of the Indians use broken English.

3. Pakistan

The fact may shock you, but the reality is English is one of the official languages of Pakistan. Many of the residents there even make use of Urdu and Hindi language. Urdu is also the other official language used. The research report shows 94,321,604 Pakistani population using this British language. That directly means 49% of the population admires English a lot.

4. Philippines

The country covers two official languages. First is English and second is Filipino. The 92% of the estimated population takes English in second priority. For 37 thousands Filipinas first preference is given to English language. The country has 90 million English speakers. So Philippines is ranked 4th on the grounds of English speaking.

5. Nigeria

The country has been ranked 5th. Nigeria has all over 53% of English speaking users. This proves a part of population represent the country in efficient English speaking skills. The country includes 79 million English speaking audiences.

6. United Kingdom

U.k. stands 6th in English speaking list. A surprising fact is about 98% of the population is capable of speaking English language. But due to small population area, other countries are leading in this list. 59.6 million Population of U.K. is English speaking.

Countries with highest Proficiency level

Opting English in usage is the easiest thing to do but using the language with proficiency is also very important. The language translation should also carry highest proficiency level for better business Here is the list publish by English Proficiency Index that elaborates the list of countries that make perfect use of English language. The top countries are not undertaken in this list.

1. Netherland

Approximately 90% of the Netherland residents speak English. According to the English proficiency Index the score of this country is 73.8%.The country is first in all aspects. Netherland has fifteen million English speakers.

2. Denmark

Denmark also carries a strong impact over English speaking. The EPI score of the country is 72.91. It has 4.8 million of English speakers.

3. Sweden

About 90% of the Sweden residents take English as their second language. The country ranks third in this list with EPI score of 71.7.

4. Norway

The EPI score of Norway is 71.3. Norway has 4.5 million English speakers

5. Finland

Approximately 70 % of the Finland residents have kept English on second priority. The EPI score of the country is 69.2.

Does Translation Affect the Ranking System?

Investing on the translation business among the above countries will be fruitful in many aspects. The ranking states the situation where the money should be invested. Translation not only depends on the ranking of the system but the content quality, target audience and other technical aspects also affect the business. By making best use of English in the business point of view one can easily make his firm smart with certified English translation services. This way your company can easily turn into a top brand business.

The Harvard Business review says not even a single country has qualified for the advanced level of English proficiency. Only the business class and high class professionals are marked in this list. Many of the people keep this language as second priority so business has to be spread accordingly.

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