Importance of Urdu Translation: Why it is Important in this Globalized World?

Internet plays a very essential role in taking your business at an international level. The top-most challenge that occurs in doing this is overcoming the language barrier. Only 10% of world’s population communicates in English and on the other hand Urdu is the 2nd most spoken language in the world. Thus, there is a great importance of Urdu translation.

Urdu is an Indo-Aryan language that is spoken by about 100 million people around the world and this makes it a vital language to translate. The language is dominant in Pakistan and India, and spoken by widespread communities in the UK, the US and the UAE. Nowadays, every company wants to grow big so that it can be a part of global market. In general, all the business materials that include information about the products or services are mostly written in only one language- English that is accepted as the global language. If you want to reach out to the Urdu-speaking customers, professional Urdu translations are very important. It assists to fill the language gap developed by various languages.

A well-experienced translator will have a proper knowledge of the nuances of the Urdu language he or she needs to translate to ensure the best output. Let’s know more about the importance of reliable Urdu document translation.

Key Importance of Urdu Translation in Top 5 Industries

1- Educational Institutions & eLearning Industry

Properly translated education programs ensure the student understands the theories or concepts. Students belonging from different linguistic backgrounds get advantage from proper translations of study materials and text as well. Educational sites with multilingual content improve the education experience of students despite of language gaps.

2- Insurance industry

Many people nowadays need insurance, and most of them who need insurance are not proficient in English. They require translation to assist them understand the pros and cons of having insurance, know their obligations when they sign up and fill up the insurance form properly, whether it is for auto insurance, worker’s compensation, health or home insurance. Here, skilled language translators are very important.

3- Medical and Life Science

MLS should be considered as an extension of the medical equipment and pharmaceutical industries. Effective medical translation involves the audit of various documents and processes and quality control checks.

Experienced translators working in the medical and life science industry have a proper knowledge for translating documents related to health matters like diabetes high blood pressure, heart disease, mental health, cancer, and smoking. The MLS industry needs proper technical translation solutions to translate legal, medical, technical, or financial texts.

Every piece of content is accessed by every person as per the following criteria:
• How technical is the resources available for translations
• How specific it is to your field
• Whether you have proper resources to deliver these types of solutions.

4- Scientific Research

Companies that need proper translation solutions now can involve the scientific research industry. There are many international scientific corporations nowadays, you can find group of scientists from all across the world teaming up to do conduct research. They mostly belong to various countries with different cultural backgrounds.

Any scientific finding should be translated properly into various languages so that people from all across the world can learn, read and also enjoy the advantages of that research. Here too, you would require the assistance of professional translators who has knowledge of science, and is equally skilled in both the source and target language.

5- Entertainment and Gaming Industry

The entertainment industry produces a huge amount of audio-visual content that should be translated properly for subtitles, without affecting the original meaning of the content to make sure it appeals to global audience. Here, translation solutions could be very beneficial. Streaming platforms like Amazon Prime and Netflix have fresh content every week needing many accurate translations.

Shows such as Money Heist, Harry Potter, and so on enjoyed a global success because of its availability in various languages. Translations in Urdu are utilized by streaming companies to target Indian audience also.

So, these were the top industries benefit from language translation. To make its correct use, you just need to hire professional translators.


All industries can get immense benefit from translation solutions in various ways. They assist operators around all industries provide top-quality products and services and connect with global audiences. At Tridindia, our specialized teams will assure you culturally-relevant translations to assist you build a strong bond with your audience.

Find out how we can help you with our language solutions by calling us at +91-8527599523 or sending us an instant quote.

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