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Communication is the biggest weapon in the global business world. Without it, you can neither survive in today’s cut-throat competitive business environment, nor create a bond with the international audience. Hence, you must focus on speaking the native language of the target customers, which is possible through interpretation and translation. Right from translating content to interpreting speeches, you may need both these services at various instances in your professional life.

To begin with these services, you must first of all, be very clear that both of them are very different from each other. Though closely related, interpreting and translating are different fields of the language industry. Hence, interpreters and translators are different. So, if you are planning to expand your business overseas and wish to move in the right direction, do keep a note of the major differences between interpretation and translation.

Major Differences Between Translation And Interpretation

Both interpretation and translation hold importance to a business owner, as both of them pave way to a smooth entry in the international market. However, to make the right move, one must be aware of the thin line that separates them.

Area of difference Translation Interpretation
Definition Translation deals with written communication, i.e. the translators convert a written text from one language to another, keeping in mind the target audience, target culture, style, tone and specific industry. Interpretation deals with spoken communication, i.e. the interpreters orally translate a message from one language to another, keeping in mind the target audience and target culture.
Examples Software, websites, video subtitles, print, multimedia. Conferences and meetings, live TV coverage, sign language, legal proceedings, medical appointments.
Time Since it involves translating written text, it takes some time to get converted in the target language. The TAT generally varies depending on the nature and amount of work. Contrary to translation, interpretation happens in real time. The types of interpretation may vary, depending on your requirements, but you can be ascertained that it would begin the moment it is started.
Level of accuracy Accuracy is achieved in both the services. However, in translation, you can always expect a higher level of accuracy because the translators get enough time to evaluate original documents, translate and review the documents pre-delivery. Interpreters always try to provide a higher level of accuracy. However, in a live conversation, it often becomes difficult to achieve the same. This is why interpreters are often given margin of artistic licence.
Fluency Translators need to be fluent in both the source and the target languages. However, higher level of fluency in the target language (their native language) and basic knowledge of the source language will also work. Interpreters on the other hand, need to possess a great level of fluency in both the source and target language. This is because the interpreters generally have to interpret for both the parties.
Intangible challenges Making sure that the idioms, metaphors and analogies are well adapted as per the target culture is a great challenge for the translators. The same challenges are faced by the interpreters. However, they need to pay additional attention towards the voice quality, tone, various and other elements of the spoken word.

Now, when you are aware of the major differences between interpretation and translation, you are all set to choose the right option between reliable translation services and interpretation. With such information at hand, it would also be easier for you to choose the right service provider. You can cross-question the service provider about the type of assistance it offers, and accordingly pick the best suited option.

Translate And Interpret For Global Business Expansion

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