Know About Telugu Translation: Why Do You Have To Head Towards Telugu Translation Services?

In India, there are six classical languages. Among the lot, one is Telugu. It has some certain Sanskrit features to it, especially while trying to pronounce the vowels and consonants, which were lost in some of the Sanskrit daughter languages like Bengali and Hindi. In Asia, Telugu is ranked 7th and 14th in the world, depending on the number of speakers they have. This is also the only Indian language, where every word ends with a vowel and that type of language is called Ajanta Bhaasha. It is also termed as The Italian of the East by a 16th century Venetian traveller.

More About This Language

Telugu is always considered to be the 2nd heavily Sanskritized language and a Dravidian one which is next to Malayalam. The written part of this language is quite refined when compared to the spoken part of it, and also known as Grandhika or Sampradayika. So, you should head for the Telugu Translation now. But first, let’s just learn a bit more about this language and its importance in current market.

If you check it out historically, it was the period between 11th and 16th century, which were termed as the golden period of the Telugu literature.

Moreover, it was emperor Krishnadevaraya, who was also known as a great Telugu scholar and the author of the book Amuktamalyada. It is known as one of the major Pancha Kavyas or the five classical works ever published.

People are focusing more towards Telugu as an inflected language. It helps in modifying some of the root words for number, case and tense. It has 3 genders to it, and those are male, female ad neuter.

This language comprises of a general SOV order. The pronouns of this language comprises of indefinite one, personal pronouns, reciprocal or reflective and relative pronouns.

This language is also written like most of the languages from left to right and comprises of simple or even complex characters.

The script of this language comprises of 60 symbols with 16 vowels, 3 vowel modifiers, and 41 separate consonants. It has complete letter set which follows system for expressing sounds.

The language vowels are known as Acchulu and consonants are known as Hallulu.

The writing of this language is well influenced by the Kannada writing system and not in all letters. This script is a bit derived from the 6thcentury dynasty of Chalukya Empire and related quite a lot to Kannada language.

Join The Art Section

Just like in the literature section, there are some important influences of Telugu language in the artistic approach as well. Radinbranath Tagore, the famous author and all-rounder in artistic approach from Bengal once said Telugu to be a language or music. Therefore, there are so many companies asking for Telugu Translation just for the sake of making their documents sound great and for attracting a large number of people at the same time. This language has such a beautiful note to it that most of the poets end up composing in this language at one time or the other.

Majority part of the carnatic music is written in this amazing language. Moreover, some keerthanas and bhajans are also written in this set language and used all around South India.

The Telugu poetry has to follow some simple yet effective rules like alankaras and chandassu, for making the language sounds more beautiful that it is actually.

There is a common adage associated with this language known as desha bhashalandhu Telugu lesaa. If you translate this into English language, it literally means that Telugu is often the sweetest language among other options in the country.

Google Is Taking A Note Of It Too

Another interesting and latest point to consider with this language is that Google launches a language support for this Indian language for all the ads products. So, if you are into the online business sector, you have to head towards this language for the growth of the firm too. This support is designed to enable the Telugu language publishers over the web and the advertisers to reach out to maximum people of the internet platform.

This launch of the Telugu language is going to support some Google’s advertising products like AdSence and AdWords. Trying to expand the support towards the local languages on ad platforms is the main aim of making India’s internet way more useful among billions of Indians people. This proves the value this language holds among people, not just in India but around the world to be sure.

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