Languages Of Colombia: What Language Do Colombians Speak?

Colombia is counted in the list of Latin America’s largest countries with a linguistically as well as ethnically diverse population. Spanish is the most commonly spoken language in the country involving many Amerindian languages.

The native populations of Colombia include the Quimbaya and Tairona. Spanish explorers first settled in Colombia in the year 1499 and began colonizing the country in the early 16th century.

With around 45 million people, Colombia is the most populated country in Latin America.

The population of Colombia is ethnically and linguistically diverse, with around 100 languages spoken in the country.

Colombia is also home to an array of Spanish speakers.

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How Many Languages Are Spoken in Colombia?

Colombians communicate in more than 37 languages. However, the widely spoken language in Colombia is Spanish.

It is very safe to say that Colombians speak the Spanish language.

The country has a population of around 45 million people and is the top-most populated country in Latin America.

Out of these people, more than 99% of people speak the Spanish language.

When it comes to Latin America, the language that clicks in most people’s minds is English or Latin.

Though English has no official status in various islands in the country, it is not the dominant language in the country.

Colombia is a South American country and has more territories in Central America. Colombia has a diverse population both ethnically and linguistically.

They speak more than 100 languages altogether. So, if you want target such location, you will need to maintain high translation quality standards.

What is now known as Colombian Spanish is a group of dialects spoken in various regions in Colombia. This makes the word Colombian Spanish more of a geographical term than a linguistic one.

When it comes to Colombian Spanish, people refer to it as the standard dialect used in Bogota.

It is a group of dialects or dialects popularly known for being the easiest Spanish to understand and learn.

Official Language Of Colombia

Spanish is the most widely-spoken language in Colombia and is spoken by more than 99% of Colombians. However, the Spanish language spoken in Colombia, known as Colombian Spanish, differs from the traditional Spanish language spoken in Spain as well as in other Spanish-speaking nations.

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There are also regional Spanish dialects spoken in various regions of the country.

The Spanish language spoken in Colombia is specified by an almost musical intonation as well as clear pronunciation.

Spanish is the official language of Colombia and is mostly used during public functions and by the majority of media outlets.

However, some regions have their own specific official languages apart from Spanish. Spanish is tend to be an important subject taught in schools.

Plus, in regions with an official language apart from Spanish, bilingual education is vital.

Spanish Slang

Spanish slang is very famous in Colombia and is mostly utilized in popular culture. Many Spanish slang words have spread out of their areas to become widely used throughout the country.

In the Paisa and Medellin regions, the local Spanish slang is called Pariache.

Spanish slang is also mostly used by radio stations to link to the younger generation.  These aspects are always kept in mind when building effective translation strategies.

Amerindian Languages

Apart from Spanish, there are many other languages spoken by Colombians. Amerindian languages are a group of indigenous languages of the Americans.

The 65 Amerindian languages spoken in Colombia can be grouped into 12 languages that involve Cariban, Arawakan, Quenchuan, and Tupian.

Creole Languages

The Creole language is made from a mixture of various languages.

Two different creole languages are spoken in Colombia: Vlax Romania and Palenquero as well. Palenquero is a Spanish-based creole language as well as the only Spanish-based language spoken in Latin America.

Only around 3,000 Colombians communicate in the Palenquero language, and it is mostly spoken in villages, specifically southeast of Cartagena.

Most Spanish speakers cannot understand Palenquero, although around 10% of the younger population can speak or understand the language.

So, if you are translating any document in Creole languages, its better to read tips for translation service.

Vlax Romani refers to the Romani language group. It is a widely spoken dialect of the Romani language all across the world. There are around 5,000 Vlax Romani speakers in Colombia, the majority of them are foreigners.


As per professionals, it takes just 24 weeks to become proficient in the Spanish language, apart from dialects. Colombian Spanish is the easiest language to learn and speak in comparison to all other Spanish dialects.

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