Languages Spoken in Switzerland: What Languages Do People Speak in Switzerland?

Do you think there are plenty of languages spoken in Switzerland? Well, you may be astonished to know but this is among the countries with no SINGLE language as their official language.

Switzerland is one of the countries renowned for its top quality of life, environmentally-friendly outdoor look, and perfect infrastructure.

Though it might not be the most diverse county in the world, it is one of the countries that has most embraced diversity and harmony.

Switzerland has four official languages that are French, German, Italian, and Romansh. All four languages are spoken in different regions of the country.

No matter which language you pick for proper translation, you will surely enjoy enormous benefits.

We will talk about them in detail in this blog.

Four Official Languages Spoken In Switzerland

Let’s take a better look at the regions where each of these languages is spoken.

1- German

This is the most widely spoken language in Switzerland. It is spoken by more than 60% of the population. This language is also known as Schwyzerdütsch by local people.

Schwyzerdütsch is a blend of Alemannic dialects that are not spoken in Germany or Austria anymore.

This language is widely spoken in the northern, central and eastern parts of the country. It is the main language in Switzerland but is not similar to the standard German. If you are thinking of cost effective German website translation, think again!

Do you know how standard German is utilized in formal communication, in newspapers, and even in books? This makes the language a little easier in comparison to the Swiss German dialect.

As a standard German speaker, you will find similar words in the dialects utilized in Bern, Basel, or Zurich. However, you don’t have to worry about it. You can ask for little clarification from the locals when in doubt.

2- Swiss Italian

This language is highly spoken in the areas of southern Graubünden as well as the canton of Ticino. It belongs to Switzerland which makes the most of a special blend of Swiss and Italian culture.

The language is historically called Lombard and is widely spoken by around 350,000 people in Switzerland.

The language is highly influenced by German and French and a few of these differences are quite confusing especially when you speak standard Italian.

The loanwords from French and German tend to make the language quite tough but it is not so different in comparison to standard Italian.

Swiss Italian wins over standard Italian with the presence of “calques”. These are the phrases reading like word-for-word accurate translation for foreign documents from French and German

3- Swiss French

This is the second most widely spoken language in Switzerland. It is mainly spoken in the western part of the nation accounting for around 20% of the population.

If you are moving to Switzerland or planning to travel to cities like Lausanne or the popular Geneva, you better get your French game.

Swiss French is different from standard French. However, the differences are not obvious.

There is a difference in expressions and vocabulary but Swiss French won’t give the speaker huge trouble if they know standard French.

Swiss French is a fun language to learn and speak. A few words as well as verbiage you struggle with in Standard French are not there in Swiss French.

Most French speakers claim that Swiss French sounds quite slower as it comprises longer vowels. This is amazing news for people who know the great importance of learning French language. They find it quite easy to chat with locals in the French-speaking areas.

4- Romansh

This is Switzerland’s quite smallest national language which earned official recognition in 1996. This language is the official language of the south-eastern canton (Grisons).This language is widely used as a medium of education as well as governance and likewise, it enjoys a great experience as a community language.

The language has been widely spoken in a few valleys of Graubünden for many years. Today, the language is considered a romance language that comprises a huge portion of its syntax taken from German.

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In Conclusion

As a business owner, you can take the benefit from the multilingualism of Switzerland. There are many companies putting efforts to tap into the new market.

This is the ideal country to launch your product where your business will get support from four language speakers. All you need to do is to make your information accessible in these languages so that more and more people connect with you.

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