Which Languages are Most in Demand For Translation?

Once you are convinced about the benefits of translation, it raises the question, “Which languages are most in-demand for translation?” The international market needs companies of different sizes to utilize translation solutions to communicate with audiences from all around the world. However, translating in every language is not possible, as people speak around 200 languages […]
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What Are The Major Languages Spoken In China?

People’s Republic of China or China is noted to be a large country with Major Languages Spoken In China. It is made out of several provinces and even though Mandarin Chinese is a popular one over here, there are various other languages spoken over here. Being one of the oldest civilizations, multiple things from this […]
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Film Festival On Regional Languages To Be Held From September 21-23

Regional language film festival is going to be conducted from September 21 to September 23 in Mangaluru. This fest would be conducted by Karnataka Chalanachitra Academy, St Aloysius College and Department of Information and Public Relations (Karnataka). As per the coordinator of the film festival, movies in different regional languages of Karnataka will be showcased […]
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How Many Mother Tongue Languages Are Around The World?

Mother tongue is mostly those languages which a person speaks from birth. It is something, which he or she is accustomed with and won’t change in any cost. It is the language, in which the person is most comfortable with while interacting with people. It is also subjected to be known as dominant language, home […]
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Is Africa a heaven for language aficionados?

Africa is known for its rich cultural diversity and the reflections are visible in its varied languages. 2000 languages are spoken across the African continent of which eleven languages have been recognized constitutionally as the official language of the African countries. Uniqueness is the essence of each language spoken here. The government on its part […]
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