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Most of the companies often seem to be lost in translation, especially in the case of technical language translation. If you take any type of translation for example, like literature translation – it requires the cultural nuances to be translated, whereas in technical translation, you need to focus on specific terms. So, different types of translation need different skills with specific specialization.

Why You Need a Certified Technical Translator?

You cannot assign a technical translation assignment to a translator, who has no or very little experience of the technical background. Such translators may find it very difficult to use specific terminologies of the industry and may end up providing you a wrong translation. This will only add to your cost and will make you bear huge losses.

So, you must always search a certified translator, who is specialized and experienced in the technical translation field. This will make sure that the translation output is flawless and that the message is well communicated to the target audience.

How to Filter Your Translator Search?

Filtering your search is very important and it basically depends on what your professional or technical background is. Technically, you will have to search a language expert who could speak in the target language and has experience of translating for your industry. For instance, you are from the aviation industry and want your airplane manuals to be translated into Spanish language. Now, in this case, you will have to find a translator, who could speak Spanish and holds translation specialization for the aviation industry.

Hire Company, Not Translator

From my point of view, it is better to search for a perfect translation company than to look for freelance or individual translator. The right company will help you connect with the right people (i.e. the translators, project managers and others), who make sure that your project is translated with the highest degree of excellence and is in line with your needs.

The individual translators may or may not be skilled enough to translate the technical language. But, with a company (mind it.. a reputed company), you can be rest assured that your project will be assigned to a translator, who specializes in that field and the desired language. On top of this, the translation companies have necessary translation certifications, like ISO, MSME, CRISIL and NSIC, which prove that the translation output will be authentic. So, why waste your money in investing into translation by freelance translators?

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