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Advertising in another language is no kids’ play. It requires planning a content localization strategy for international businesses. Basically, it helps you customize your message or advertisement, according to the language or culture of the target market. Therefore, hiring a translation company becomes really important to see that the content is properly translated as well as localized. But, you cannot hire any random company that comes your way. You must search for the top companies, compare them and choose the right one. Remember, if your decision in choosing the company would be correct, you’ll be provided with quality translation and that in turn, will provide you with increased sales, revenues and conversions.

Before, we discuss much about the content localization company, let’s take a deep insight into translation and localization –


If you want your website content, advertisement or any content for that matter, to connect with a non-native audience, you must be very considerate about translation. This is the first step of the project. To begin this process, you’ll have to hire a translation expert, who could provide convert your source language content into the one, which is fluent and understandable by the target audience. In case, you this step, you’ll miss a great chance to connect with your audience and also will not be attract more customers in the targeted market.


This is one step ahead of translation. Translation is meant for converting the text into the target language. But, localization is meant to adapt that text to suit the local cultural of the target audience. In simple words, it aims at making the content suitable for the audience.

Let’s just say, you are planning to market your product or services in Italy. In this case, you cannot ask the translator from Russia to get the content localized. You will need to hire a bilingual Italian translator, who could make your content appealing to the common masses. If this turns out to be successful, you’ll get an increased conversion rate and more business leads. So, if, you are focusing on content localization, you will have to pay attention to both language and the region.

Where to Get Authentic Content Localization?

When you wish to advertise, promote or expand the reach of your brand beyond the national boundaries, you will have to see to it that your content is localized in authentic manner. But, do not hire a bilingual person to complete the task for you. It is always better to hire a company dealing with translation and localization. A company will always provide you accurate translation at the very first time. This is what I have experienced at my own. Freelance or individual translators cannot provide you that ‘quality’ in translation, which a reputed and certified company can.

One such company that I have encountered is TridIndia, which works with experienced translators. They have a team of native translators, having deep cultural and linguistic knowledge of different countries and regions. Not just this, they also have talented project managers on board, who can advise on which language has the highest demand today, how to customize/ localize your content to make it attracting for the readers etc.

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