Malayalam Website Translation: Why Should You Translate Website into Malayalam Language?

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Assisting global customers in online platform is a perfect way to increase company’s growth and translated websites are an effective way to reach them. It differs according to the global market share, industry vertical and other elements, but almost every company has at least some good reasons for translating their websites for global customers.

Across the world, around 122 million people consider Malayalam as their native language. More people communicate in Malayalam as their mother tongue in comparison to French, German or Korean. Sites are a powerful way to approach and connect with your audiences. However, as your online presence becomes global, users are searching for sites that speak directly to them in their native language. Simply put, users want to connect, belong, and come together online in places that showcase their culture, customs, and identity as well. Companies that adapt and understand to this requirement can appeal to market far beyond their borders. They are able to establish a worldwide clientele base just by communicating in their local language, and can engage as well as form relationships with many diverse audiences.

In this article, we will discuss reasons to do top-notch website translation for business.

Reasons to Translate Website into Malayalam Language

1. Show Your Clients That They Matter

People purchase for many different reasons. For instance, they might want your products; they might love your branding or messaging, they might get attracted to your packaging and design, or customer service and many other things. But the most essential element for purchasing from someone is trust. So how do you make people realize that they are valuable to you? How do you form trust between them and your brand?

You guessed it absolutely right! Translating your site into Malayalam language can be a big step towards developing trust and letting people know that they actually matter to you. Mainly, if you are selling products or goods that have big descriptions or that can be difficult to understand in a global context, then it is an important thing to do proper website translation. People have to understand the context as well as the content of your online business before they make the decision to purchase from you.

By reaching out to genuine customers or say clients in their mother tongue, you get higher possibilities to achieve their trust and ultimately make them purchase from you.

2. Continued Growth

Why not be confident about your business’s potential for growth? Look at its way: barring a setback, you are ultimately going to saturate the market for genuine customers who communicate in your native tongue. Going multilingual is a perfect method to pursue further expansion without engaging in competition.

The first stage of that is deciding the target markets and what is required in terms of what language to translate first. Here, a liable Malayalam translation can help thoroughly.

3. Boost in Traffic And Revenue

Global users who cannot read your site won’t find you, and if they do not find you, they won’t convert. Making your content available in Malayalam language will grasp the attention of new customers, increase your site traffic and ultimately lead to boost in conversion rates. Conversions should not be limited to on-site transactions. Even non-transactional sites get massive benefit from translation in the form of informational downloads, contact forms, as well as phone calls to sales reps.

4. Increases Financial Productivity

The aim of most companies is to boost sales. Translating your site is the most powerful way to achieve this. So, translate your business website professionally.

Customers that can understand content in their native language are probably to buy from your site. Even, 46% of website users agreed that if the information was in their mother tongue it might have developed trust and confidence in the product making them purchase the product.

By translating website, customers are more likely to connect with your business as you provide a benefit point compared to your rivals.

5. Cross Geographical Borders

With online 20% of the world’s population speaking English as their first language, there is big chance to fill the language gap in the online world to attract remaining 80%. By translating sites, companies can reach users that fill this gap, growing their consumer base every time they adapt to a particular region. By entering into new markets, you develop a more connected and diverse network of customers around geographical borders.

Over time, you will become a trusted and demanding brand, whether it is to sell a product or say service, or for entertaining or educational tasks.

Now that you know the effective advantages of website translation, it is time to realize great efficiency in translation is right for you.


Whether it is for strengthening your customer base or building trust in your existing customer list or for powering your website SEO, translating your site is never a risky thing to do. Translating your website into some other language will strengthen your global customer base and will definitely make your business expand.

Therefore if you are searching for high quality website translation, feel free to contact us at +91-8527599523 or mail us at [email protected]


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