Medical Industry Translation: Why Google Translation Is Futile?

When it comes to online method of translation then Google is certainly the famous one. Today we are discussing its reliability at medical translation industry i.e. finding out whether it can be trusted in medical field or not? Majority of machine translators are based on linguistic statistics that is further measured for translation output. These linguistic stats can be from variety of sources such as novels, historical documents and more. Algorithms search these collections and bring out the best guess. But seriously, do you think in complicated field like medical requires guessing?

What Problem Occur with Google Translation

●Google Translate or similar online translation cannot guarantee accurate translations. The machine doesn’t understand human mind behavior, jargons, culture context and many more.

● They often create chaos instead of bringing better results. Sentence are not structured correctly and may create confusing situation.

● Some of the complexities such as linguistic cultural, syntaxes, speaking tone or any adjustment is something that has not been successfully programmed and this makes its futile in medical field.

Recent case study of Online translation accuracy

A research was conducted to find out medical translation in 26 languages being performed by Google translation platform to which 42.3% of medical phrases were incorrect. Lack of medical terminologies was not able to provide reasonable substitute and for that reason doctors do hire certified language experts in medical industry.

Such as phrase in medical- “Your child is fitting” was equated to “Your child is dead” in Swahili languages and that doesn’t sound appropriate one.

The thing is accuracy of machine translation is extremely depended on quality of database where best guess is not enough to save the lives of patient.

Coming to solution for greater accuracy

Depending on machine translation can create risky and serious Situation On Patient Safety as well as health. The only solution to that is taking help of certified translation organization that results into reliability, correctness and takes responsibility of their work.

Reason we are saying this is because there’ll be complete content management of all multilingual documents that’ll be performed by real time translation expertise. Sentient and word, they produce will be more precise and industry specific translations as per your requirement.

This is extremely helpful in saving patient life with greater understanding and saving healthcare providers valuable time.

Final Research Verdict – Choosing The Right One

• In Terms Of Reliability- Google translation is less accurate as compare to human mind expertise.

• In Terms Of Responsibility- In human translation, entire responsibility lies on experts and they ensure whatever is being translated is accurate. This element is clearly missing in online translation.

• In Terms Of Terminologies- This is another field where google translation fail massively that is translation set of jargons and technical term accurately. Terminologies are something that can only be well understood by experienced person and that can convey others doctors about seriousness and critical health of patient.

We are not saying that you mustn’t use online translation platform instead we are believe that there are certain cases where question arises on quality, seriousness, effectiveness. In these certain cases it’s better that you enroll with translation provider for correct communication in any language.

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