How Do Top Translation Companies Like One Hour Translation, Gengo And TridIndia Review Their Translators?

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Do you know that Gengo, One Hour Translation and TridIndia are some of the major translation companies that follow a stringent process for reviewing the applications of translators? Through their strict selection procedure, they make sure that only qualified, professional and experienced translators are a part of their team. Hence, it can be rightly said that the ‘application review process’ is the biggest catalyst for their global success.

Translation is a complex job, which is not everyone’s cup of tea. This implies that not everyone who knows a second language, can be a translator. Therefore, if you are a business owner, planning for translation, you must not choose any random translation firm for your project. It is basically your decision that will determine whether or not your project would be assigned to professional translators. Accordingly, the translation quality will be defined.

Here’s how these translation companies filter translation applications

1. One Hour Translation

The review process followed at One Hour Translation is divided in two parts, which are described as under –

♦ Tests: Several tests are conducted at OHT, which judge the applicants on different parameters. Professional translators in the community review the tests performed by the applicants and the scores are then checked by the in-house translators’ team at OHT.

♦ Review On The Basis Of Past Projects: The shortlisted applicants then pass through the second phase, wherein they are given past projects to translate. The quality of their translation defines whether or not they will be selected.

2. Gengo

To select the best translator amidst a pool of applicants, Gengo needs no formal qualifications. The translators are selected through a procedure of tests, viz. pre-test, standard, pro and proofread.

■ Pre-tests are done to eliminate applicants, who do not possess good knowledge of their second language. These tests do not have any time limit, and the results are given immediately after the test is over.

■ The second stage is known as standard, wherein the applicants are asked to translate a text in the target language. Only three minor mistakes are accepted. The result for this stage is delivered within a week and one can take up this test only 3 times.

■ At the pro-test stage, only one minor mistake is accepted.

■ In the proofreading stage, translators are asked to proofread the work of the co-applicants.

The feedback system of the organization was overhauled to make the process more clear and perfect.

3. TridIndia

The process of screening translators at TridIndia is different from the above translation companies.

☞ Preliminary Check: The applicants are shortlisted depending on the needs of the project, I.e. the applicants must be native to the specific region, post graduate in translation/language with English as one of the mandatory subjects.

☞ Interview: A multi-step interview is conducted, which is followed by applicant’s Bilingual Capacity Evaluation. Here, the experience of the translator also counts, that is, he or she must possess minimum 3 years’ experience.

☞ Written Test: The translators, who fulfil these conditions are required to appear in a Written Translation Test, wherein they are evaluated on different parameters, I.e. language ability, command over target language, level of difficulty they can manage etc.

☞ Background Verification: A background verification check is also conducted before selecting or empanelling the translators.

Apart from following this screening process, the company also believes in taking valuable feedback from the clients – regarding both the translation and the translator. This helps the company in assessing the level of quality and satisfaction offered to the clients. The translator who receives a positive feedback again and again, is given more preference than others. Hence, the objective is to not just acquire clients or translate content, but to also delightfully satisfy the clients.

So, now you know how these companies review translation applicants and approach you with a professional team of translators. With experienced translators assigned to your project, you can be completely assured of the translation quality. Here, at TridIndia, we make sure that our clients get superlative quality of translation, so that their end objective is easily achieved. All of our translators are experienced in their respective domains and are very disciplined, when it comes to quality check and project timelines. For more details, talk our project managers and they will help you understand the entire process of translator screening.

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