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The online marketplace is going global and multicultural. Are your multilingual content marketing strategies doing well?

Earlier, marketing refers to targeting the right people, usually by displaying the right ads in the best suitable media.

But today, the task of marketing is to develop content with more market appeal that develops relationships and takes the consumer on a new journey that eventually increases sales.

When it comes to the effective content marketing strategy, not only existing content, has to be adapted for every international market. This needs research and a good understanding of the culture as well as the local language, specifically when it is all about shoppers’ buying habits.

Important Multilingual Content Marketing Strategies

If you have already made a strategy, you can refine it again and if you don’t have an idea, there here are the three strategies that bring your results that are more impressive.

1- Understand your market

The first thing you can do is to know who are your potential consumers, what they are looking for and where you can ‘connect’ with them.

If you think this is simple, actually it’s not. For instance, Facebook is highly popular in the US, India, and Brazil – but in China, where WeChat dominates the market, it’s completely irrelevant. The same goes for all other forms of search engines and social media.

When you’ve clearly identified your selected channel of communication, you’ll have to follow essential content writing tips to optimize your content for the widely used search terms in that area.

2- Adapt your brand message

Just because the content piece is quite popular with one group of individuals doesn’t mean it will have similar popularity across the world.

For instance, McDonald’s, a business giant, adapts its menu to increase its appeal with its local clientele wherever they are, you have to localize your content so its message resonates well with a local audience.

That is, content should differ between markets to make sure that the impact it has remains quite high.

3- Quickly localize your content

An effective multilingual content marketing strategy will already have made sure that each piece of content created for the target market is ideally tailored to the specific needs, behaviours, and lifestyles.

TIP: Content can be of any type. Choosing between niche relevant Written Content vs Video Content is completely up to you based on your marketing needs.

Likewise, content directed toward foreign markets should have a similar laser-like focus on every individual market’s needs.

Here are a few market-specific problems beyond linguistic differences that have to be addressed.

✓ Celebration days: Christmas, Islamic New Year, Chinese New Year
✓ Colors: Wedding dresses are not white in some countries
✓ Shopping events: Black Friday, Singles Day, Diwali
✓ Popular sports: Basketball, Soccer, Australian rules football

4- Follow SEO Guide for Each Language

Every language should have a well-researched glossary of keywords and terms to follow. This will make it easier for you to adhere to your brand’s main values and message around all your international content marketing platforms.

When it comes to proven multilingual marketing strategy, consider working with content creators who understand the local culture of every language market is paramount, not only for this primary step but likewise when it comes to content marketing localization.

5- Make a Multilingual Social Media Strategy

An important element of multilingual content marketing is social media.

Remember, your foreign audiences may utilize various channels than you do. Discover their social media preferences before you think of posting. Also, ensure to make a social media calendar and adapt it accordingly based on your multilingual content marketing strategy.

We can say that content marketing has never been a child’s play rather it is difficult to get everything right even in one language.

Putting just any content will not serve the purpose alone rather you need a proper content localization to make your content attractive which let you build up a strong relationship with potential clients or customers.

Examples Of Brand Who Adopted Multilingual Content Marketing Strategies

Now, let’s understand the strategies of various brands that they applied to connect with wider audiences:

Unbounce’s Strategy: Consider a Local Marketing Ambassador

Basically, Unbounce is a landing page and conversion marketing platform which help marketers build, test and optimize landing pages. Believe it or not, the company relies heavily on content marketing to let its English-language business succeed. They hold a popular blog, robust social media presence and an effective resource for marketers.

Unbounce began spreading its wings into the German market in 2015. They gave an effective key recommendation: Go for a local marketing ambassador.

Ben Harmanus of Unbounce made use of his knowledge of the local area to select content for credible German translation from English to build up the German language community on social media. They used human translation for effective marketing.

Stefanie Grieser from the concern said, “The day a brand gets a local ambassador is a day they become a local player.”

McDonald’s strategy: Provide what they want

In the US, go to any McDonald’s and order the same menu items prepared the same way each time. Usually, the appeal of the Golden Arches has always been a consistent experience over there.

Other than the US, the approach is different. They give international customers what they actually crave for. In India, you will not find beef or pork on the menu. Local patrons can place an order for McAloo Tikki or a Maharaja Mac (vegetarian or chicken). Similarly, customized digital and prominent Content Marketing Help proves to be effective for them.

For example, the kind of information a company choose to highlight for its Indian audience varies from what it uses for a French audience. To be more specific, the Indian version of the homepage largely emphasizes on vegetarian options. Not only this, but it also throws light on promotional meals meant for sharing between two or more people. Their social media posts are found humorous that fulfil their objective of “simple easy enjoyment.”

As far as the French market is concerned, the homepage of McDonald’s highlights “healthy” options like salads and “premium” chicken. They build up trust by focusing on their environmental commitments and sustainable seafood.

Coca-Cola’s strategy: Global Themes, Local Content

The company works with a “One Brand” strategy that extends to its global marketing. They understood important Market Research Values For Business Growth, which include the use of universal moments and storytelling which helps them resonate with customers on a global level. This does not mean that they do not localize as there is proof of how they keep together global themes with local content.

They don’t just translate popular American articles and hope for retweets from France. Usually, publications in every country highlight topics, events and news that matters to that region. And when American content is incorporated into international blogs, it is translated to fit within the context of local interest.

In fact, global themes and local interest makes a perfect combination of both worlds.

F.C. Barcelona Expanded Into China from a Small Start

The company used Chinese social media sites as a smart content marketing strategy. Initially [The club] tested the water by launching Chinese social media accounts. And when it all succeeded, they followed up with an impactful website. Taking the club’s approval, Tencent is creating branded applications and games for the site focused on the local market.

As a whole, always start small with your multilingual content marketing strategy and take it to the next level gradually.

When you are going to assign the work to other companies, it’s good for you to outsource your translation requirements to pocket friendly translation company in Delhi.

Translation for content marketing

Well, impactful content marketing helps to build up an emotional bond between companies and prospective clients. Just go with a skilled language service provider who possesses local area expertise and is capable enough to translate your brand voice into a language that your potential audience understands better.

Never rely solely on Google Translate to connect with your international customers as you would not your brand to be a robot.

In a nutshell, you must try out these multilingual content marketing strategies to make your brand reach out to prospective audiences globally.

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