Written Content vs Video Content: Which is More Powerful?

Still, some newbie marketers are in confusion about Written Content vs. Video Content such that which brings more traffic, sales and profit for them much faster.

We know content marketing is still here to stay. If you have extensive content, you can provide your customers with great possibilities to learn and provide them with an unbelievable experience with your business. This also leads to an increase in the importance of effective content writing.

Whereas the growing popularity of video marketing is undeniable. Massively, companies are adding video content to their marketing strategies. You may see vlogs and promotional videos popular on Facebook etc.

So which one will give your better results? This blog will surely clear your doubts, read till the end.

Written Vs Video: Which Content-Type is Best?

We will understand this further through the pros and cons of each type of content.

Pros of Written Content

Although the video is on the rise, textual content still is an appropriate medium for tools, guides, and other material.

Here are the pros of written content:

1- Varieties in Content Improve SEO

Varieties of top-ranking websites have a varied range of content. Delivering quality content through valuable blog writing boosts the customers’ interest in your company and makes you come out as a leader in your industry.

2- Skyrocket Video Rankings

Even today as well, advanced search engine bots are unable to read videos. This is why ranking videos in search engine results still depend on written words.

3- Very Cost-Effective

The cost of written content is less than video production. If your written material is engaging, it is a low-cost strategy to boost people’s interest in your company.

4- Quick Learning

Written articles simplify gaining the information you are seeking. A well-written article/blog split into paragraphs with meaningful titles helps readers to identify the important sections quickly. The essential need of video transcription has also been enhanced because written content gives better insight to the readers.

Cons of Written Content

Now let’s run through the cons of the written content:

1- Less Appealing

Content without infographics and images seems dull than well-produced videos with interesting visuals that look appealing to the readers’ eyes.

2- Over-saturation of Text On Web

The web is loaded with a high amount of text because almost all the brands/businesses have blogs published.

Written content is good for SEO research, but to stand out in the market, you have to be more creative.

Pros of Video Content

Did you know – 72% of people choose to watch videos more than read about a service or product. Even the demand for accurate closed captioning for social media videos also increased witnessing the popularity of video marketing.

Let’s go through its pros now:

1- Boost Conversion Rates

Video content is fast at driving conversions over time. Stats show that over 70% of marketers observed high conversion rates, which increased sales.

2- Escalate Marketing Efforts

Video content will improve your marketing efforts by maximizing click-through rates. If your marketing campaign is not giving you profit, this is something you should try next.

3- More Powerful & Impactful

Video content is successful in creating a trusting bridge between your business and customers; a video comprising a facial expression, or even an impressive tone of voice can have an impact on a customer’s decision.

4- Demonstrate Authenticity

Customers need live demonstrations to build up trust and video marketing is the ideal choice for it. Exceptional video translation is even helping demonstrate the authenticity of your services and/or products by promoting them via video to a global audience.

Cons of Video Content

Do you know a low-quality video can ruin your brand’s reputation? Besides pros, video content also has cons if the video is not executed properly.

1. Lengthy Videos are Distracting

Viewers often quit a video clip after watching it for 10 seconds. Even if a person can view the complete film, they might not prefer to consume all of their mobile data.

2. Frustrating Autoplay Ads

If prospects visit your website and are responded with a video ad, they might have an unpleasant experience. This may lead to an increase in the bounce rate of your website.

In Conclusion

So, is written content better than video content? There is no exact answer to this question. As per our understanding, both can make you win big if implemented at the right place and the right time.

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