Why Do You Need a Certified Translation Service? [Top 4 Scenarios]

There will soon come a time when almost all the industries will need translators. It is mainly needed when a person tries to establish their business in other countries or expands its network to deal with foreign clients. Many accurate Translation service provider is getting common with the intensive work that has been done in collaboration with the involvement of all the sectors. When a Corporation deals with any industry that is heavily regulated it becomes imperative to have a certified translator for all the documents.

The Need Of Certified Translation In Top 4 Scenarios

There are several scenarios when you may need a certified translation service

1. Legal Scenarios

The certified translation has the biggest role in almost all the legal paperwork, which include the documentation of trials and hearings. For example, any trial documentation r evidence which exists in any other language would need to be translated by a certified firm. When it comes to an item that has to be submitted to the court as a legal document certified translation will be required. In a local court if the hearing is proceeding in Hindi you will have to convert all the evidence and necessary documents in Hindi by prominent Hindi translation in Pune.

Note: Not all laws and language are similar to the spoken language, for example Spanish is spoken in 26 countries but the laws in all these countries could be different. Thus, the translator chosen for the project must have knowledge legal language and legal environment of the country the case is being dealt in.

2. Immigration

Immigration is also another key area that will require certified translation regularly. While applying for residency or even for. Temporary visitor’s permit in a foreign country, the country will need all the documents in the official language of the country as well. Also, it is compulsory to have these major importance of business translation certified. The documents can include:

Birth certificate

Marriage certificate

Driver’s license

3. College Application

Application to many universities requires certified translation of documents such as previous diplomas and transcripts. Depending on the policy of the school or college you are getting admitted to, you will be required to submit the original grade report the certified translation. It is always a good idea to get your documents checked before submitting them.

4. Business and Corporate Dealings

Businesses are now shifting their offices to international destinations to expand their networks. It increases their visibility on an international scale. Documents which may require top-most importance of urgent translation include.

Financial reports


Patent filings

Other businesses which hire internationally may also require certified translations from applicants such as

Medical records

Bank statements

Passport and visas

Note: In the United States the person has to be provide a requested document with the usable form, according to Rule 34(a) of the Federal rule of Civil Procedures. However, this rule is not applicable while doing translation from one spoken to language to other.

Furthermore, effectively hire best translation providers by asking below mentioned questions

Does the service have previous experience in the sector and language you are looking for a translation in?

Is the company certified? Does it have all the certifications that are necessary for being a certified translation firm?

Are they available to assist you 24/7 in times of emergency?

Do the service providers have a reference from other certified customers?

Does the cost charge by the translation company fits your required budget?

If you get satisfactory to all these questions you have likely landed on a good translation service provider.


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