What is the Need of Transcription? [Facts on Individual Demand]

There are many benefits linked with transcription, like improved business efficiency, reduced overheads, and less stress. Many companies use audio and video recordings, but the via transcription services. But besides getting so many benefits, people still think what is the need of transcription?

Transcription involves the conversion of an oral file, majorly video or audio, into text form. The transcription industry is observing rapid growth. With technological advancement and the internet, information is ample in the oral form, which people want to convert into text format.

Here comes the essential role of transcription that satisfies the need for transcriptionists needed by different businesses and clients.

The Need Of Transcription For Demanding Individuals

Many clients need transcription since text files of video or audio recording are more useful and acceptable to end-users.

1- Market Researchers

As part of your market research, if you are facing any difficulty in acquiring feedback and other data by conducting focus groups, interviews, or other outreach, you can make the most of the data you gather by recording the accumulated material and getting it transcribed.

The effective transcription services in Mumbai will make sure that you have a clean and accurate record of the exact responses from your participants, which can be carefully reviewed for the nuances of their reactions and observations, making your data as beneficial as possible.

2- Law Firms, Paralegals, Court Reporters, and Attorneys

Leading industries that utilize professional transcriptionists for legal transcription are paralegals, law firms, attorneys, court reporters, and other legal experts. Be it court hearings or depositions, presentation of audio or video file as evidence, or witness statements; most legal activities are transcribed mostly to make them more accessible to juries, lawyers, and judges.

When a transcript of a video or audio file is delivered while the audio or video is played out in court, it makes sure that there is no room for error. Undoubtedly, the powerful transcription helps lawyers massively.

3- Events Individuals and Keynote Speakers

When you conduct an event, getting the keynote speech transcribed is a perfect way to deliver it staying power. When a transcribed version of a keynote speech is available online, its outreach is massively increased; not only that, the transcribed format also becomes the perfect marketing tool for your business.

4- Education Sector

People taking lectures, doctorate degrees, and students may also need transcription, as most source materials for research, interviews, class lectures, and seminars are not in the video or audio formats. The majority of universities and colleges deliver recorded content for students taking online courses. Here also comes a need of reputed translation service providers.

5- Audio and Video Podcasters

Delivering a transcription of your podcast provides a choice to those who prefer reading information instead of hearing it. Podcast transcription is also an alternative option for your audience to go through your material, increasing its reach.

6- Business Sector

Uploading transcribed versions of your keynote speeches during important events such as conferences and symposia amplifies its outreach. If you are from a company, you can utilize it as a smart marketing tool. The majority of companies and groups are pushing for a paperless workplace. But it does not go to all offices.

Busy business owners use transcription to archive and store urgent meetings, phone calls, and interviews because it is faster to find a specific document instead of locating the correct information from a recording.

7- Medical and Healthcare Providers

Since the documentation of patient details is needed in the patient’s file, the transcription of all procedures, related material, and notes are important. Hence, transcription is not just important, but imperative in the field of medicine.

Aside from individuals and groups mentioned above, many other people and organizations can get an advantage from transcription, such as publicity coaches, video production houses, authors, freelance writers, content strategists, and marketing consultants. They all require top benefits of video transcription for uploading content to sites, dissemination of information, and ideas to aid in their writing and proper editing of thoughts.


It is essential to work with a company that you trust because of the complications of the transcription process. Our professional transcriptionists are subject matter experts and linguistics. We can instantly assign you a transcription specialist wherever you are in the world. Our team has many professionals who can conduct the transcription process effortlessly and accurately.

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