What is Human Gujarati Translation and Why is it Important?

It’s the oldest form of translation, depending on complete human intelligence to convert one way of saying things to another. And while human translation comes in various flavors, it remains the most widely-used Gujarati translation method to this day. Do you want to know more about it? Then continue reading further.

Only humans can perfectly decide what is the correct context for a text. Words change meaning according to the context, and the selection of a Gujarati translation will depend heavily on the context. Keeping humans in charge of complete management of the human translation will make sure the translated document mirrors the actual document. Idiomatic expressions, slang, technical domains, and localization are just some challenges to reliable human Gujarati translation.

The Gujarati language has some nuances that computers and AI can’t analyze anytime soon.

Understand Human Gujarati Translation

Although there are machines that can do Gujarati translations, human translation is still the best method of translating any written documents, be it legal documents, books, personal documents, product information, manuals, websites, letters, magazines, and advertisements. It means that human Gujarati translators carry out all the methods involved in the translation of the written text.

Machine translation could just convert the texts from one language to another. It is not able to do what effective translation service providers could do, which is to consider the idioms, grammar, conventions, and most of all, the context of the actual language while translating into the target language and maintaining the meaning as close to the original as possible.

a)- Culture & Context

The foods people eat, the words that they speak, the games that they play all come from their culture. Culture dictates the real meaning of what people do and say, and humans are adepts at picking up that meaning. Machines have difficulties with slang, nuances, and sarcasm. That’s why there are different types of business translation you can choose from. When someone says, “ I like that”, with an emphasis on like, it can mean two things: they are sarcastically expressing that they don’t like the object at all, or they are either expressing genuinely a high affection for that object. A machine won’t know the difference, but a human will understand as they know the culture of the author.

A machine translation tool can’t able to understand context when words have different meanings ( like run). It may deliver inaccurate translations that can lead to mass communication throughout the document. A human translator, however, can look at the context in which the words are written and give the actual meaning and do various types of language translation immediately.

b)- The Human Touch Makes A Difference

Translation apps are great when you are stuck on a train and you want to ask someone how much further you have to go. Online document translators are good when you want to get a relevant idea of what a sentence is trying to say. But neither one is going to assist you to decipher essential legal documents, plan a marketing campaign, or understand medical advice.

When it’s the matter of document that makes a difference, there is nothing like human Gujarati translation.


Not only documents, but websites should also get translated by humans. To know about it you can read why is multilingual website so important. At Tridindia, we have human translators that make you work perfectly done. We have around 150+ professional translators from all across the world who are not only high-skilled in the languages they translate, they are also skilled in the industry they translate for. They are experienced linguists who can get you point across to your potential audience in a concise, clear manner that speaks volumes.

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