What are The Key Benefits of Video Transcription Company?

Nearly 500 million hours of videos are consumed every day. Be it YouTube, Facebook, or any other online platform, a video successfully leaves a remarkable impression on the targeted audience. So, don’t you think it is the right way to engage your audience?

According to a study, nearly 240 exabytes of video will be consumed every month by 2022. This clearly implies that video consumers are just going to increase with time. Involving videos in your marketing strategy will certainly pay off and your business will grow as well. Supporting your video with a transcript will further boost the value of the content. Next time, when you create a video, do not forget to supplement them with a transcript.

Listed below are some of the major benefits of transcribing videos –

1. Enhances The User Experience

The user experience enhances the moment you think to provide more valuable content to the audience. With the option of watching the video, listening to the video’s audio and reading the transcripts, you give more information to the audience and the chance to engage with your brand. If you have ever watched a TED Talks video, you would easily understand how transcripts improve the UX. Sometimes, when the visitors do not understand what is being spoken in the video, they can simply look at the transcript and grasp complete information.

2. Attracts The Deaf And Hard-Of-Hearing Community

Your target audience may also include deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals. This is why it is very important to transcribe your videos. In addition to transcription, you should also support your video with captioning and express subtitling services so that each and every one in your market segment can understand the video well. These features allow the users to access your content when they are at places with sound-sensitive environment, for example, gym, library, etc.

3. Meets Legal Compliance

You may not know but some laws mandate videos to be provided with closed captions, in order to make them completely accessible. Closed captions and transcripts allow the users to understand the script of the video, irrespective of the accent or speed of speaking a dialogue. So, the chances of any misunderstanding are instantly removed.

4. Boosts SEO

Do you know you can reach out to a huge mass of audience just through your video? Do you know your video can appear in the top search results through transcription? You may be very well aware that watching videos is not possible for search engines. Therefore, transcripts are added to a video (optimized with specific keywords), which in turn, allows the search engine crawlers to read the complete text and rank it higher in the SERPs. In case, your target audience speaks a different language, you can find an accurate video translation service, to get the video script and transcript translated in the target language. According to a study, a company observed an increase of 3.89% in the number of inbound links received through transcript pages. A different study found that YouTube videos achieved 13.48% more views when uploaded with captions.

5. Creates Derivative Content

Transcripts make it easy for content creators and researchers to use recorded audios and videos for the creation of montages, reels, and clips. They also help in creating reports or guides that the concerned individuals can go through. For example, the video may consist of information about the upcoming marketing strategy. So, through a transcript, the information can be disseminated among the staff members.

6. Learning Tools

Some students learn better through videos while some students learn better through reading. Combining these two methods is an effective way to grasp knowledge. Therefore, transcripts are often used as learning tools for students, using which, they can absorb the material and in case of any confusion, they can simply refer back to the transcript. Additionally, transcripts are a useful learning resource for students who wish to learn a new language. Though transcripts are produced in the same language as that of the video/ audio file, sometimes the transcripts are also translated. So, if a transcript is translated into Korean (as an example) through valuable Korean translation, a student can practice reading the language and get familiarized with the new terms.

Transcribe & Translate For Enhanced Benefits

Do you know YouTube is localized for 130 countries and is available in a diverse range of languages? Such is the power of internet that we can access videos from across the world and connect with people who belong to a completely different language background. The most fascinating fact about video-giants is that they provide transcripts and captions along with the video, so as to deliver maximum value to the users. So, it is time to follow this approach, transcribe content and translate it for the multicultural audience. TridIndia, a renowned company for expert video transcription services in India, has the right solution for all your transcribing and translation needs.

Expand your business today with quality transcription from native experts. Call us today at +91-8527599223 to connect with our project managers and get ready to place the foundation of global success.


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