How To Choose The Right Interpreting Booth For Your Conference/ Meeting

Conducting a multilingual conference or a large meeting is a big challenge in itself. What’s more challenging is choosing the right interpreting booth for simultaneous interpretation. Though this type of interpretation involves the use of a variety of interpreting equipment, sound-proof booths play a significant role in determining the quality of the interpretation. These booths block the external noise and let the interpreters focus on what is being said by the speaker.

So, if you are up for an interpreting session at your upcoming conference or meeting, here’s how you can find the best-suited interpretation booth.

Interpretation Booth Options

Depending on the interpretation needs and setup of the event, interpreting booths can be divided into the following categories –

1. Booths by Size

You can select different types of booths, according to their size, i.e. how many interpreters need to be accommodated in the booth.

  • 1-person Booth:
    As the name suggests, this type of booth is perfect for solo interpretation as it can accommodate online one interpreter.
  • 2-person Booth:
    Known to be ideal for 2 interpreters, this type of booth is one of the most used models used during conferences.
  • 3-person Booth:
    This type of booth is used for specific events that involve interpreting a variety of languages and is generally conducted for a longer period of time.
2. Booths by Type

Most of the companies looking for reliable interpretation service in Pune prefer to use this method for choosing interpreting booths for their conferences. Typically, you can choose the booths between the following two types –

A) Full-Booth:

With four walls, a door, a floor, a ventilation system, a ceiling and a window, a full-size booth is a fully enclosed self-contained cabin that is a complete soundproof solution for simultaneous interpretation. For the complete duration of the meeting, the interpreter(s) will inside the booth and communicate the message to the audience. The most important point here is to note that you’ll have to provide a table to the interpreter(s), where they can put their equipment and a comfortable chair to sit on. You should also have professionals to arrange the entire set up and audio technicians to resolve any technical issues during the event.

Usually, a full-size booth will be ideal for two interpreters. However, if you want to accommodate more number of interpreters, you can look for larger booths.

The only problem that you may find with this type of booth is that they are difficult to transport from one place to another. Since they are huge, they cannot be assembled by a single person.

B) Table-Top Booth:

Placed atop a table, these types of interpreting booths are well-built and are highly preferred by most of the business owners. However, interpreters for business communication do not really recommend this for large events as they are open at the back. Unlike the full-size booths, these booths are not fully enclosed. Amidst a large audience, the noise may distract the interpreters. Having said that, these booths are very easy to transport and set up. They can be operated by a single interpreter.

These booths are ideal to be used during smaller meetings and smaller venues where you may not have much time for preparation or set up. A good way to block the noise coming through the open space is to position it towards the wall or towards an area where audience is not present.

Important Points To Note

Besides choosing between interpretation booths, you need to keep in mind a few important points. Have a look –

♦ Audio equipment:

The interpreting booth you choose may vary, but the audio equipment used, while providing quality conference interpretation in UK would be the same. So, you need not to worry about what type of audio equipment would be used with full-size or table-top booths. Also, keep in mind that an electrical outlet should always be there near the booth. In the absence of an electrical outlet, the microphone would not operate properly.

♦ Overall installations:

Pay attention to the layout of each meeting room. Check the number of exits, windows, light sources, seating capacity, and rostrum location. In addition, check the position and number of mobile booths and built-in booths placed in each and meeting room.

Rent The Booths

Interpretation booths for simultaneous interpretation are generally very expensive. However, you can look for simultaneous interpretation equipment rental solutions by a reputed interpretation company, like TridIndia that is a pioneer in offering 360-degree interpreting solutions all across the world. In addition, we also arrange for an interpretation venue (anywhere in India) along with travel and accommodation facilities.

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