What is The Purpose of Punjabi Translation? [Did You Know?]

In an era of mass globalization, where Punjabi ranks as the 10th most spoken language in the world (2015) with almost 102 million Punjabi speakers worldwide. So don’t you think Punjabi translation can bring success to your company?

Many people don’t know what is the purpose of Punjabi translation. So, here we have come up with some information that will give you a deep knowledge of this topic. Apart from Punjabi, Punjabi native speakers can also be found in Wales, England, Saudi, UAE, Canada, USA, Arabia, and Australia, which are the major business markets on a global scale. Hence, translating your business documents in Punjabi is ultimately the biggest need for your business.

The Purpose Of Punjabi Translation In Top 5 Industries

1. Tourism

Perhaps the industry most obviously relies on good language translation, tourism has rapidly evolved in line with globalization in recent decades. There are few countries, specifically ones with smaller populations, that depend on tourism for their continued economic well being.

The valuable Punjabi translation is important in every aspect of the tourism industry. Every step a holidaymaker takes, translation has assisted them to do it. From selecting a brochure in their native language to booking a hotel, to taking an international flight to read foreign restaurant menus in translation, and visiting tourist attractions with multilingual tour guides.

2. Software Development

It might be less obvious than tourism, but software development is an increasingly globalized affair, depending even more on translation to make sure it’s smooth running. Thanks to the types of software that have already been developed, people are working together on a global scale to push the boundaries of computers.

Individual software developers may find themselves working for a number of overseas clients, during which affordable translation service providers will be important to communicate around the language barrier.

Outsourcing software development to foreign freelancers is increasingly common, so translation will no doubt play a bigger role as this practice proliferates.

3. Recruitment

As people take on more and more of a global mindset, organizations are increasingly hiring employees from all across the world. Throughout the EU, people who speak multiple languages move and work freely between countries. Even outside of the EU, there is a specific amount of migration for work-related purposes.

Because of this, when recruitment firms are given the job of finding the best job candidates on the planet, they need to cast their net wide. This means making job advertisements in various languages, to reach the widest range of people and hence find the greatest possible potential employees. Here you need major qualities of a professional translator as this will help you to do this task appropriately.

4. Diplomacy

Much like tourism, this is a sector that clearly depends on translation. Basically, diplomacy could not be called an ‘industry’ since it holds only elected officials and civil servants facilitating international relationships. Now, though, the phenomenon of what financially firm calls ‘private-sector diplomacy’ needs companies to communicate with governments all across the world almost as often as governments communicate with other governments- perhaps more frequently.

The public sector or private sector, the rapidly growing world requires effective Punjabi translation to survive. Whether it is translating speeches at the UN, or translating a document for helping a private firm prepare a report on the company insights for Punjabi speaking clients.

5. Journalism

Though the industry of journalism happens to be threatened by social media and the proliferation of ‘fake news’, it is still important to society, and it still requires translation.

Specifically, in the current political climate, many new stories have international importance, meaning journalists from all across the world need to keep up-to-date with current events outside of their own countries to evaluate their influence on local activities.

Translation in journalism can range from journalists doing it themselves to documents being translated for them by translation service providers. But before you hire some agency, first you should understand what is translation.

Wrapping it up:

Translating is a complicated task that demands expertise. It delivers three indispensable functions that man constantly requires. With such crucial and great responsibility, only experienced translators have the ability to carry out the tasks. Tridindia offers incomparable services to people all across the world. Our team of translators has subject matter experts who are language experts and experienced in their respective business domains.

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