5 Mistakes to Look for When Using Localization Companies

Mistakes are common; they actually make you human. But, there are several mistakes to avoid when looking for localization companies. At present, localization has evolved as the indispensable part of the business world. Hence, neglecting localization can be the worst decision in your professional life. So, if you were about to launch a translated website in the global market, just stop. Wait until you understand the importance of localization and find a reliable source for the same. Slightly different from translation, localization is the art of adapting the website as per the target culture. Apart from just the content, you also get the search words, fonts, colors, website themes, style, symbols and other aspects, modified as per target linguistic and cultural preferences.

Thus, localization is all what you need. But, before you outsource localization services to any vendor, do look out for some major mistakes that most of the business owners commit, while hiring the service provider. Listed below are some blunders that must be avoided –

1. Neglecting a Written Contract

Entering into a written contract with the service provider safeguards you against various fraudulent activities. But, despite of knowing this fact, business owners do not hire the company, on the basis of a contract. They believe that verbal promises are enough to trust the service provider. A contract will keep the duties of both the parties intact, and any violation from the vendor’s end will give you all the powers to take the desired action.

Solution: The only solution to this problem is to ask for a written contract.

2. Not Examining Company’s Experience

This is one of the most common mistakes that you may come across, while learning about the outsourcing mistakes. Often under the pressure of hiring the right partner, businesses forget to ask for the vendor’s total experience in localizing for your specific industry. This in turn, results into poor localization.

Solution: You must check the portfolio of the vendor, asking him about all the previous works he has been involved into. This will give a clear idea whether or not the service provider is the perfect match for you.

3. Incomplete Request for Proposal

There is basically a huge difference between targeting domestic audience and international audience. Hence, startups, which are new to the global business world often, commit the mistake of providing an incomplete request for proposal. Due to lack of experience, they fail to understand what exactly they want or what should be localized. Hence, understanding the essence of localization for startups holds paramount importance.

Solution: To avoid such mistake, you must analyze what you desire, as the end result. In line with this, start noting down all your needs in detail. Also, identify the likes and dislikes of your target audience, to ensure you have a clear about what’s good and what’s offending to them.

4. Not Comparing the Options

When you go out for shopping, you always compare the options and choose the one that fits you the best. So, why don’t you compare the options, when you are deciding on the right outsourcing partner? You cannot simply stick to the one that strikes you at the very first. It is not a first-come-first-serve game; you will have to thoroughly search the market, filter and compare the options and then pick the final one.

Solution: If you are confused between two or three companies, ask/check their work sample, pricing list, work history, brand reputation, time commitment and other such factors. Depending on these, you can easily find the ideal option.

5. Hiring Solely On ‘Price’ Factor

Some business owners believe that the perfect vendor is the one, who asks for a lesser price than other vendors in the market. However, they fail to recognize that as per the dos and don’ts of hiring, a business man must never base his decision solely on ‘price’ factor. If this blunder happens, you will not be able to stop the related blunders to happen in future. As a result, you’ll be at loss.

Solution: Make the hiring decision on several factors, including price. It should be one of the factors, and not the only factor. Once you understand that less price does not guarantee high quality, you’ll instantly make the right decision.


No one can succeed in life without committing mistakes; they basically prove that you are trying and learning to improve. So, research the market and try to find out the mistakes in translation or localization outsourcing. This will help you understand what should be avoided, in order to get access to the right outsourcing partner. So, get set to the work. It’s time that you must get your content localized and start persuading your target audience to buy from you.

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