6 Budgeting Tips on Website Localization for Global Audience

Your dream of expanding your online business globally can succeed, if you pay attention to website localization best practices. There are more than 7000 languages spoken across the globe and you cannot attract the global audience with just a single language. So, the website needs to be translated and localized as well.

There is a very thin line that distinguishes between website localization and website translation. So, make sure you understand the difference between the two. If your website will be localized, it would be more appealing to different geographical markets and it would be easier for you to connect with the target audience culturally and linguistically. This in turn, will attract more audience and sales towards your business.

But, just like other projects, localization of website too needs a properly planned budget. Be it your personal life or professional life, budgeting is really important and you should not skip this step, if you are an entrepreneur.

So, here are some killer techniques and tips using which, you’ll be able to prepare website localization budget –

1. Jot Down The Languages & Costs Involved

First of all, it is important to decide and jot down the languages for website content translation. Research your industry and find out the major languages that can help you cater to the global audience. Further, keep noting down the costs involved in translating into each language. You will either outsource the project to a translation company or to find another source, i.e. individual translators. Whatever be the case, you simply maintain a record of the costs.

2. Communicate With Stakeholders

Stakeholders are very important to business, as they invest in your company. So, before you prepare the budget, make sure you discuss it with your stakeholders. Their opinions and feedback can help you frame a perfect budget for your localization project.

3. Consider the Localization Time

Do consider this point for sure, if you have in-house experts for localization. When the localization task would be assigned to them, they will deviate the attention from their regular work. So, you’ll have to keep record of the time involved in localizing the website. Unless and until the localization task is over, your employees won’t be able to return to their original assignments. So, they will be a huge cost to you.

4. Find the Translation Resources

Finding the right translation resource is pivotal to framing the right budget. If you have some in-house translation masters on board, it is well and good. But, if not, you must search for the right translation company, discuss your translation needs with them and ask for an estimate cost that would be involved in it. Looking at the figure and with some research in the industry, prepare a budget that doesn’t kill your pocket and provide you with a qualitative translation. You may also find some online resources, such as automatic translation tools that commit to deliver avant-garde output. However, human translation is much better than auto translation.

5. Set Priority for Each Content

Prioritize each of the contents on your website and make a list containing the most important content. Suppose, you have a content on your website that you feel, is valuable to one market, but may be unneeded for the other. So, apart from translating and localizing the same, it is better to cut that part of content. This way, filter the content as per your target market and language.

6. Analyze the Technical Costs

While planning the budget, analyzing the technical costs is also important. So, make sure you keep a track record of the costs involved in software, word count, website format, page layout and others. The cost will certainly add up, if you are planning to outsource these tasks. If you have an in-house team of experts, you can also try to compare the cost estimates from in-house experts and outsources.

So, pull up your socks right away and start preparing the budget!!

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