Know the Risks of Cheap Interpretation Services Today

You know anecdotally that getting interpretation right is essential, but it can be complicated to measure the direct effects of accuracy as well as precision. Do you want to know more about all the risks of cheap interpretation services? If yes then read further.

The interpretation has a huge impact on your business profitability as well as the credibility of your brand. People know that it needs a lot of effort to achieve it right: first, there is deep research, then the planning and the project kickoff is just the starting of your global adventure. While it is quite convenient to measure the effects of an interpreted meeting done right, many will ignore the direct connection between the business’s general growth and interpretation quality as well.

For these people, here is an article, that gives a few risks of having poor effective interpretation services in Bangalore.

Top Risks Of Cheap Interpretations

1. You lose money

If you do not want to invest anything in quality interpretation and select the affordable and fastest option instead, you might end up investing double the money. If you think we are exaggerating, think about the reality that these days 99% of internet communication is the written word. In this instance, even advanced businesses rely on old-fashioned skills.

A small pronunciation mistake can genuinely cut your meeting profits in half. And that is not the word of it! Think about miscommunication in meeting and not understanding the terms and conditions of the opposite party. Poor interpretation over-stresses your business’s pocket and professional Language Interpretation can do wonders.

2. Poor meeting experience means lost Partners

When people come to a meeting, they begin to judge it instantly- the professionalism, the atmosphere, and of course, the words. Research has shown that business partner’s interest drops once they are unable to connect with you. That means communication is the only way to show them that you are worth partnering with. Poor-quality interpretation or difficult wording add up to a less-appealing experience for the business partners. And that clearly means lower conversions.

There is a major need for a top event interpretation company. It is analyzed that 59% of clients would not do business with a company that has poor communication skills. Can you afford to lose around 1/3 of your market? Even a single mistake can decrease your sales.

3. Bad Interaction Level

When you do not understand what the communication is telling you it can be very difficult to make decisions according to the interaction. A good example of this is analyzing the effectiveness of your business meeting according to the communication level. The goal of a business meeting or professional interaction should be for people involved in the communication to take a specific action like to partner with you or make a purchase. Basically, the major types of language interpretation turn into revenue.

4. Your business experiences brand damage

Sometimes, the actual words of interpretation are fine, but there is a big twist that massively changes the connotation. These mistakes can make even a well-established brand look untrustworthy and clueless. That is the reason why interpretation is sometimes simply not sufficient to really transmit the true meaning of something for another region and language. Lack of good interpretation may result in a bad communication level in general. Ensure that your interpretation holds every nuance, speech pattern, idiom, and phrase.

Poor interpretation is not nice to have, it is a fundamental part of any international marketing journey. Getting it wrong can affect your brand, your business, and your bottom line.

It might be very encouraging to cut corners by utilizing non-professional interpreters, interpreting creative content automatically, or skipping quality assurance steps. But the example above prove that making use of the massive importance of interpretation and achieving things correct the first time is worth the investment.


Now you know how poor interpretation can cost your business. Ensure that you do not do these mistakes with interpretation at any mentioned instance. If you need an affordable and good interpretation, please approach us. Tridindia will deliver you the interpretation that you need in every business meeting or professional communication for a better experience that can boost your profits.

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