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Demand for candidates who speak more than one language is massively increasing. As per a study, there are around 630,000 job postings directed at multilingual job seekers in 2019, in 2020, there were only 2,40,000 multilingual job postings. Have your clients began requesting you to recruit multilingual candidates?

Multilingual recruitment companies are not the only firms that can recruit multilingual employees. And, recruiting multilingual candidates does not essentially need you to be fluent in various languages. But, you do require to change your hiring method to target the right candidates. Companies need multilingual candidates to fill both low as well as high skilled positions. And, companies do not just hire bilingual candidates to fill translation positions. Multilingual candidates can bring much more to the table. They can appeal to non-English speaking consumers and deliver value in the workplace.

Whether you are multilingual or not, have a look at some professional multilingual recruitment company checklist.

Checklists for Multilingual Hiring

1. Advertising In The Target Language

This may look a little obvious, but when posting jobs, ensure that you advertise in the source language as well as the language that the candidate is fluent in. It is the best way of getting the greatest reach of potential candidates, in the target language. Advertising on websites that are famous in the country of the target language is important for getting the candidates you need. It is essential to specify in the job description the level of fluency in languages you need.

You can also take the help of effective language service providers who work with professional translators.

2. Create a Special Email Template

When you get potential candidates you think will be best for the position, reach out to them. Make an email template that is particularly geared toward multilingual individuals.

Your email might be in both languages. In your email, talk about the job and how their language skills would be beneficial to the company. Tell the candidate where you found their details and why you think they should apply for the position. And, sell your client’s company so the lead can see why it is a great place to work.

3. Trade offs

To know this part clearly, you need to know why is language translation important. As getting candidates with languages can be a little challenging, trade-offs can be an essential part of the recruitment process. You may be able to make up the balance in other areas.

There may be skills that you can make a compromise on, or train, whereas complete language fluency is important. Or reasonable written skills in an international language may be needed, but you cannot compromise on the technical job skills.

4. Graduates

University recruiting is also a great idea for reaching multilingual candidates. University job fairs can be a perfect way of reaching potential students, with the correct mix of linguistic and technical skills for your roles. You may also be able to get modern language graduates with a high level of fluency in your target language. Through this, you can get many benefits of human translation.

5. Awareness Of Regional Variation Or Dialects

Sometimes regional variants of a specific language can be as varied as they are similar. Bear in mind how and why a candidate might utilize their language skills in a role to analyze the language level or variety required. Verbal language assessment from existing employees is a great way of analyzing this out.

6. Referrals

Referrals are always an effective means of recruiting, but even more so when searching for employees with language skills. Existing multilingual employees may be able to refer fellow language speakers in your field. Colleagues will also be able to urge for the language skills of the candidate, assisting with the assessment method.

7. Language Testing

Language testing is a little significant, to make sure the proficiency of your candidate in both needed languages. Someone may have native-level fluency in the target language, but may not have that much business proficiency in the workplace language. Standardized language tests save a lot of time as well as effort in assessing a candidate’s language skills, and whittling down your list of candidates. Furthermore, if you urgently need a certified translation service the also multilingual employee would be beneficial.

Remember that you should not depend on written comprehension exams. You should use these in conjunction with verbal tests and multilingual dialogue to ensure you place the perfect candidate at your company.


Tridindia has made it a point to hire multilingual candidates with great skills. Specifically, we offer translation services to companies from all around the world, multilingual team members are important to assisting us to bring accuracy to the table. We are willing to hire multilingual employees who can increase the possibilities.

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