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Choosing the right subtitling services can bring a massive difference. While there are numerous vendors to choose from, not all are best. When selecting a subtitling service provider, you want to ensure that it is accurate, reliable, and affordable. But sometimes people get in the trap of some vendors who guarantee providing cheap subtitling just to attract customers and deliver poor quality work. So, do you want to know what all risks do cheap subtitling brings with it? If yes then read further..

As the global business race getting intense and more and more companies to search for subtitling their videos for worldwide exposure, bottom-line costs are always in mind. The end goal? Getting brand internationalization and globalization through the lowest subtitling costs out there. Getting what you paid for is a very efficient expression in this situation, as resorting to cheap subtitling is more often than not directly associated with poor-quality linguistic output, downplaying the investment, effort, and overall cost of a satisfactory subtitling alternative.

Therefore, it’s important that you get quality subtitling solutions.

Know The Risks Of Cheap Subtitling

The illusion of speeding the process of subtitling by assuming the risks developed by cheap subtitling solutions not only leads to inaccuracies but also increases the time and effort invested in the entire subtitling process, affecting turnaround for the businesses included.

1. Late Delivery

If your video is long, it is more likely that a cheap subtitling service provider will not meet the guaranteed turnaround time. This is all because their subtitlers are able to pick and choose which projects they need to manage, and they will mostly give up on more complicated videos when there are convenient projects they can get done quickly. Not only do these subtitlers have a low pay rate to start with, but they are also paid by the length of the video, in spite of the time it takes them to subtitle it. Whereas professionals will give you a top-notch translation in Delhi for your subtitles. It makes sense that the low-cost subtitling providers would select convenient videos they can get done quickly, and hence get paid more.

In reviews of subtitling solutions, you will observe that the customers get noticed that their projects were delayed because of high volumes. Others say that only a section of the video was completed in the given time, and even some say that they later were up-charged because of length or poor audio quality.

2. Cultural Harshness

Low-cost subtitles are harmful to the aim of making sure high-quality linguistic result, as it also implies using unprofessional linguists who lack the essential expertise to provide according to client’s needs and expectations. As cultural nuances show a company link between the market and the customer it aims, poor subtitling of a brand’s video content may lead to cultural inaccuracies, confusion, even political incorrectness, which can massively affect international business performance as well as revenue. To make your video content successful, you definitely need a certified translation service by experts.

3. Unsatisfying Outcomes

At first instance, you will observe most demanding low-cost subtitling solutions guarantees a 99% accuracy rate, but then go deeper and you will find customer reviews showing the results are entirely inconsistent. This is all because your subtitling project could go to anyone, unqualified or trained, native speaker, motivated, or just trying to have extra earnings. Mostly subtitling is not part of this individual’s skill set or career experience and so mistakes are more probably to happen. Also, lack of accountability and compensation means less motivation to do the job well.

This is not to say that there are no cheap subtitling providers to put in the effort, but there is always a chance of observing three positive results in a row, then a poor quality subtitling that you will have to spend the time to proofread or correct yourself. With experts in the business, you can appropriately power your content with translation.

4. Machine Subtitling Inaccuracies

Machine subtitling has evolved over the years, being widely integrated as a cost-effective translated subtitling solution for faster turnaround time. However, the pitfalls are not to be ignored, mainly when considering key subtitling parameters, like context, accuracy, subject matter expertise, format flexibility, and creativity.

While you can resort to the Machine method, free of charge, actually considering machine-translated subtitles for popular platforms like YouTube will not only affect the credibility of your business or product but will also cost you, even more, to correct the subtitles.

5. Privacy Risks

Also because of the anonymous nature of cheap subtitle providers, there are risks regarding the privacy and security of confidential information. Although some are concerned with the security of the platforms utilized for low-cost subtitlers, the real risk is with the people who have open access to your video files. Some companies that use cheap subtitling need all subtitlers to sign a nondisclosure agreement before getting subtitling jobs. However, if the company is using unprofessional subtitlers, your jobs could be given to someone who does not know the significance of following these legally binding agreements.

To avoid such types of risks, you should always understand how to choose translation agency or subtitling service, provider.


At Tridindia, we certainly do not disregard subtitling as a lesser service, nor do we eliminate corners with the time and attention to detail, investing in every step of our linguistic methods for immense customer satisfaction. Our top-quality subtitling services, guaranteed through subject matter expertise, will assist you to discover new ways of reducing the risks, so you can increase your confidence to speak globally.

To know more about our services call us at +91-8527599201 or mail us at [email protected]


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