Know the Risks of Cheap Translation Services Today [5 Crucial Facts]

Are you thinking of why your business is not attracting more customers in another country? Is it the fault of your product or your marketing plan? Or, it could be because of poor translation! Translating a business’s promotional campaign into the local language of the aimed country can be a great marketing plan, but incorrect translation can definitely ruin and embarrass the complete brand.

Poor translation affects credibility, sales, and reputation. With globalization on the rise, agencies are scrambling to spread their business empires. Researchers and scholars are also trying to share informative details with the world. Good translations are key to success.

If you need to reach more people, you require to take some essential steps with a powerful translation agency to accurately and properly translate your message and avoid poor translation- otherwise, all your work might just get lost in translation also.

Top Risks of Poor Translation


1. You Provide a Poor User Experience

It takes around 50 milliseconds for the user to determine your site. The truth is when people go to your site they judge your business instantly. For a new user, everything is a major part of the experience! This involves the design, the feel, and obviously, the actual content. You do not have to go far to view that- think of yourself. When you visit a new site, whether it is an e-commerce or the website of a company, you very quickly decide whether you would like to leave or stay. Spelling mistakes and bad quality translation will be unappealing to a genuine customer.

Do you think they will buy a product or service from you if you did not make the effort to appropriately do translation like the good technical translation to translate content into their language? Wrong! They will just get the site of your competitor who actually made an effort.

2. Potential Fines

Getting translation wrong can be really expensive. It is difficult to get everything correct even in your own language. For instance, a shipping agency was pushed to pay some amount to workers due to the local of an Oxford comma in state law, meaning the law had to be updated.

Including language barriers only makes these problems worse. And it can have huge effects.

3. Wrong Translation Can Cause Confusion

English tenses play a huge role while translating content from one language to another language. A bad translation can put a big question mark on your business reliability and make you realize the importance of business translation. It might lead to no positive impact other than confusion. People have seen massively wrong translations that made everyone laugh hard. A small mistake in the translation can change the entire meaning of essential information. So, the customer might feel confused by such kind of content and they might lose interest in your business.

4. You Experience SEO Failure

When you utilize only human translation provided by top language translation service providers you will be able to identify the mistakes. If you are not aware that the translation has mistakes, the professional translators will highlight those errors and make them correct for your business needs. As a result, there will be no SEO failure and with top types of content translation you can expand your online presence massively.

5. Poor User Experience Means Lost Customers

When people visit a webpage, they begin to judge it instantly- the look, the feel, and obviously, the words. Research has represented that users mostly leave a site after 10-20 seconds. That means you have less time to show that you are worth visiting. Bad quality translation, spelling mistakes, and difficult wording all add up to a less-than-appealing experience for the user. And that clearly means lower conversions.

It is estimated that around 59% of visitors would not do business with an agency that has bad grammar on its site. Can you afford to lose nearly 2/3 of your market? Even a small spelling mistake can cut sales in half.

The poor translation is bad for agency. This might make you understand why business need translation service. Do not waste your efforts on sub-par translations that will come back to you. Save your money, time, and most importantly embarrassment by hiring professional translators. You and the rest of the world will be really happy you did.


A good translation is not only good to have, it is an essential aspect of any global marketing journey. Getting it wrong can affect your brand, your customer, and your bottom line. It might be really attractive to cut corners by utilizing non-professional translators, translating good content automatically, or skipping high-quality assurance steps. But the instances above prove that achieving things right the first time is worth the investment.

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