Does Multilingual Hiring Really Work For Your Business? [5 Essential Facts]

Below are various benefits that will help you know does multilingual hiring really works? We have put together some biggest reasons why a multilingual workforce will make your business more productive, attractive to customers, and permit you to take your brand ahead of your rivals.

In this modern age, a multilingual employee is like a superhero for everyone’s business. As per a study done by some experts, within the next 10 years, around 70% of employers expect business proficiency at the international level to be in demand and 42% expect employees to be business proficient in an international language. Multilingual employees are already meeting that requirement, delivering their employers an effective beginning into the future. But the perks of a multilingual workforce from a well-known multilingual hiring company do not just end once the translation is done.

If you are considering including polyglot members in your staff, here are some ways how this can work for you.

Points That Shows Multilingual Hiring Really Work For Your Business

1. Improve the Quality of Customer and Client Interactions

Businesses that have the capability to converse in the native language of their client mostly find it very easy to develop and maintain more positive customer relationships. Some clients are not used to agencies making the effort to deliver them a good customer experience, so it comes as a great surprise and reflects very positively on that business.

Hiring marketing and customer service or professional multilingual recruitment experts who are able to speak more than one language and delivering that staff the best training available may have specific long-term benefits. Businesses that are limited to a particular language may observe specific types of customer interactions or global expansion to be very challenging.

2. Process Information More Quickly

Another survey found that people who spoke many languages process information more efficiently and quickly in comparison to those who only speak one specific language. If you are trying to grow your business, would not you want the brightest and best person on your team? As their brains are used to processing two languages, multilingual employees are great problem solvers.

They are fabulous at seeing the difference between irrelevant and relevant information and then making decisions to move the business ahead. Also, they can introduce the powerful role of transcription.

3. Customer Service is More Holistic

Employees speaking more than one language can be very smart and confident in dealing with customers who speak their native language. In fact, you are more probably to deliver better customer service to non-English speaking customers if their communication is channeled through an employee who speaks their native language. Service chats online, in-person interactions, and calls over the phone can be very successful if your multilingual employee is able to form a familiar, comfortable atmosphere for them.

Additionally, multilingual employees can also be way empathetic. They are efficient in analyzing a culturally diverse atmosphere, and they can conveniently pick up social cues to switch languages and mostly know relatable topics to discuss. All of which multilingual employees are less capable of.

4. Global Expansion

Thinking about taking your business global? Having a professional multilingual employee on staff can be a great asset when growing your business overseas, both for translating or speaking and for knowing proper business etiquette. They can also help you with a transcription of video content for reach. For instance, did you know that Chinese business people showcase items of significance with two hands and a slight bow? An employee aware of that culture would be able to stop you from sliding your card one-handed around the table and doing a serious mistake.

Moreover, they are able to communicate more authentically with business counterparts from various parts of the world as they know the nuances of the language and the pros and cons of doing business in another culture.

5. Highly Skilled Workers

By investing in employees with multilingual abilities, your agency is investing in what are sure to be high-performing members. Studies have shown that multilingual employees can switch tasks faster and conveniently in comparison to monolinguals and are better equipped to process information more effectively. These capabilities are multitasking and information processing is in high demand in the workplace and perks all areas of your workforce.

Even more, with their expertise and skills, multilingual employees have the perk of thriving in fast-moving environments. They can also assist you with their technical translation skills.


Now that you have read all the perks of hiring multilingual employees, what should be your thought? With the right strategic execution, your agency can establish a pipeline of multilingual experts to power your international expansion. Tridindia has many years of experience as a wide range of language service provider (including interpretation and translation).

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