What is The Role of Spanish Subtitling? [6 Essential Reasons]

Including Spanish subtitles in a video remains one of the most efficient methods to reach the Spanish-speaking regions. This option is widely used by many organizations and companies. This kind of solution needs linguistic as well as technical knowledge that is not available to just any professional translator. If you need results worthy of the name, always ensure that your project is entrusted to an experienced translator specialized in subtitling. So, do you want to know more about the role of Spanish subtitling? Read further…

If you do not have the skills for adding Spanish subtitles to your video content, you are losing a major chunk of business opportunities . As video content slowly takes over the web, it is essential to make rather, as it’s anticipated to account for around 80% of online activity by 2022), it is important to make your video content accessible to people of different kinds. The professional subtitling service are majorly used as a method of translating a video into another language, permitting those that are non-native Spanish speakers to consume the content.

In this article, you will know what is the role of Spanish subtitling.

The Top Role of Spanish Subtitling

1. Subtitles Make Your Videos Accessible

While the video above aims at the significance of subtitling, it does a great job of explaining why you should include subtitles in your video. Did you stop watching after the subtitles have gone? Making your videos available in various languages through subtitles is essential so that none of your audiences are left feeling like you have restricted their access to your content. Today, there are around 466 million people who are hard of hearing or deaf. About 71% of people with such disabilities leave a page instantly when they cannot access it. Adding to this, there is a survey that shows that 60% of the total views in online videos come from non-English speakers. That’s why majorly quick translation is important.

The beauty of an online video platform is that anyone with an internet connection and a device can access your videos. Media outlets, governing bodies, global and local brands, and content creators must make sure that they produce inclusive content accessible to everyone.

2. Providing Clarity

Including subtitles in your video can add clarity to content including technical language, company’s/individual’s names, or industry jargon. For abbreviations, listeners, jargon or specific names may be harder to decipher, mainly if the audience is not experienced within your industry. Subtitles can assist an audience to retain information more conveniently by offering not only audio but also a visual stimulus.

3. Easier Access To Other Cultures Across The Globe

The other fun aspect of learning new languages is that you get to experience as well as learn more about that new culture. And a component of that culture is to view local programmers or movies.

And you can speak from personal experience that learning to speak Spanish has permitted people to engross the Spanish culture at an immense level than you would have ever imagined.

Having convenient access to other cultures is something that you all take for granted, and if you want to watch a great international movie, you can either invest years making the language perfect. With subtitles, you can view many nominated and Oscar-winning films.

But you need to make sure, it’s done perfectly. And to know that you need to understand crucial signs your subtitling is wrong.

4. Subtitles Help Your Viewers Comprehend & Learn Better

There are different research articles there online that recommend that learning happens best in one’s native language. If you or your brand develop learning material for video, subtitles are important. Along with audio-visual content, subtitles include a text aspect to your videos. It assists your audiences to comprehend and grasp the detail well. It goes without saying that when your audiences learn better, they are probably to watch the video till the end and engage with it later.

5. Aiding Comprehension

Subtitles aid the comprehension of dialogue that is spoken fluently or with a foreign or unfamiliar accent. Onscreen text is an alternative option to rewinding a video or increasing the volume to hear sections of speech that are spoken over excessive background noise. Just this about how many times you have had to rewind that mumbling death scene at the end of a movie just to hear what was said. Subtitles are an absolute option to this. And here you will get to observe the great importance of business translation.

6. Give Better User Engagement And Experience

Did you know that about 85% of Facebook video is watched without any sound? And as per Facebook, subtitles can improve video view time by an average of 12%. Few reasons maybe because of the reasons above, like being in sound-sensitive environments.

Regardless of the reason, this makes it a big challenge for you to get the attention of your views immediately. Because if your audiences are not in a position to turn on the volume and you do not have subtitles, you have lost them. And since people live in an era where video contents are everywhere as well as consumed even more than ever before, developing a great user experience is even more complicated than ever before.

By considering the top benefits of translators you can grow your clientele base, your revenue as well reach. Today, consumer markets are becoming international. Including subtitles is a cost-effective method to expand the market potential of your next video.


If your company needs subtitling for translation purposes, having subtitles already available in the source language will permit translators to work much quicker and more efficiently, hence saving your money in the process. Tridindia can help you with professional subtitling services that too at a cost-effective rate. We have a team of well-experienced subtitle experts who can accurately add subtitles to your video.

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