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Subtitles require to be written appropriately and formatted precisely to function. Extra dashes or spaces within coding lines can corrupt an. SRT file, and cause overlaps, showcase errors or prevent subtitles from functioning at all. So, don’t you think that you need to know 5 signs to analyze your subtitling is wrong?

Subtitling requires to be done appropriately as well as carefully. You might have observed many incidences where a misspelled word or local of correct punctuation can lead to misunderstandings and can become viral. In other instances, however, such mistakes become impossible to neglect and the video becomes difficult to watch. The audience would be confused, your ratings would drop, and entirely you would face a big loss which could have been avoided. Subtitling errors are the bridge between failure and success in video content.So, ensure you get good subtitling services in India. Listed below are some top 5 signs that show your subtitling is wrong.

Know 5 Signs Your Subtitling is Wrong

1. If Subtitle Lines Are Too Long

The length of subtitles is the first thing that subtitle writers new to the industry consider. Few guidelines set out as little as 16 characters each line, whereas others boost up to a maximum of around 55. There are two different problems with onscreen text lines being too long. The first is that making lines that are too long can lead to subtitling not fitting and thus, not all text being visible. The second problem is related to flow. Video is all about movement and motion which should be maintained properly and with a renowned subtitling company near me you can manage that.

Having subtitles that stay onscreen for 15 seconds because they are so long can minimize the motion and smooth flow of a video, efficiently leaving the audience frustrated, bored, and waiting for the next line to come.

2. When There Is A Useless Foreign Sense

The translation of subtitles implies jumping from one language as well as culture to another and managing the differences between them. Keeping unshared aspects will most likely lead to confusion. Because of the constraints mentioned above and language differences, it might not be possible to maintain some cultural aspects. Translators will instead have to try and get a simplified but meaningful equivalent in the target language, using their knowledge as well as creativity. This is the main reason you need professional subtitling help.

3. Using Machine Translations

Machine translation has come a long way beginning from the days when it was more probably to generate gibberish than real conversations. However, it is still not an alternative for human translation. Machine translation cannot acknowledge the context. In a difficult linguistic situation, it cannot make a judgment call about the correct phrases or words to utilize. In most cases, it cannot even double-check its translations for accuracy before delivering them off into the world. You do not want your business image to face any problem as a faulty software program puts words in your mouth.

Whether you are searching for Russian to English subtitles or a Spanish to English document translator, ensure that you get real people and not computer solutions.

4. Conveying The Wrong Speech & Including Interjections

By means of subtitle translator, professionals are providing voice and personality to speakers in different languages, so failure to use the correct style alters the essence of the speaker’s voice. This will lead to a local of coherence between what you see and listen, and what you read. For example, if you are listening to an 80-year-old woman speaking, the subtitles should not showcase a 15-year-old girl- unless that is genuinely reflected in the audiovisual product, of course. To make it more appropriate for global customers, ensure to have different types of translation for your video.

As the number of characters that can be utilized is limited, interjections occupy efficient space, so you should avoid adding those expressions which are not required for understanding. Moreover, the audio and visual support is a great help; most interjections can be recovered from the audiovisual result, so as you won’t be missing anything that hints at comprehension there is no requirement to translate them.

5. When There Are Line Break Issues

Line breaks happen when long strings of text are broken into many pieces. If an individual is providing a speech, for instance, you do not need the complete screen to be covered with words. You want one or two-line subtitles at the bottom of the screen that presents as the speech goes along. There are many errors that an amateur can make with line breaks, so you will need to select a translation solution that knows subtitles and how they work. Look for people with expertise in the industry who can handle line breaks and anything else that the job throws their way!

You cannot be generating subtitles with just the script without having the audio-visual material. Otherwise, you will be bound to form many mistakes. When you do not have the audiovisual, many details would not be known to you and you are bound to make all type of errors which could have otherwise been neglected. To understand it completely, you need to know why is translation important.


Maybe you need to translate a document from English to Spanish. Maybe you need to develop subtitles for an English or Spanish video. Whatever your reasons for searching for professional subtitling solutions, we at Tridindia can assist you with a high-quality solution at the most cost-effective price.

Give us a call at +91-8527599201 or mail us at [email protected] to get started.


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