Key Role of Translation Project Manager: How They Make Your Translation A Success?

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Who is a translation project manager? Are they just the dispatchers who receive orders and submit them? Here you will get complete information that will help you understand the role of professional translation project managers better and how they make the process of translation successful.

Translation project managers look after the translation processes from start to finish making them important for the team. The major role of the translation project manager is to satisfy the client’s needs by allotting the work to a translator that best suits their project. They have many responsibilities that make the translation process run smoothly. They take charge of everything from multilingual translations for global use to managing quality control on a big translation project.

There are many reasons that make the role of project manager important in the translation business. All of their responsibilities make sure top notch translation and professional solution satisfies every client.

Today, we will read the major role of experienced translation project manager and know how they make the process smooth.

Major Role of Translation Project Manager

1. Service Guidance

Healthy interactions with translators and clients are handled by a translation project manager who has good customer service skills. Linguists are not the only ones on which a translation project depends, clients also have an important role in the process. If they don’t review or give feedback on time, delays can impact the workflow and budget. Here, the role of project manager comes into play, they handle all the parties and make sure everyone’s doing their job well.

An experienced project manager should also think independently, develop empathy and adjust everything to prevent conflict within the team. Their capabilities will help them to manage different projects and the team of native expert translators without finish work within time.

2. Linguistic Understanding

Understanding the language and what is needed for translation is very important therefore project manager with expert linguistic experience is vital. Their skill and knowledge are essential when it’s a matter of accurately performing the role. Skilled project managers are mostly the last ones to review the text before translation and often pick up on anomalies that the client may not have noticed.

3. Build The Translation Team

Trying to manage native expert translators on your own can be a little complicated and a nightmare for the majority of people. The project manager in your team helps to assemble a productive translation team no matter how many languages are involved. A highly-qualified project manager makes sure the work on your project is done perfectly by subject matter experts. Basically, the major benefits of professional translation company increase even more with a project manager.

Want to make sure that all your translation projects are handled by someone who is a native language expert and is specialized in various domains? A project manager is initially responsible for building a proper translation team that holds skilled members who are subject matter experts.

4. Manage Project Deadlines

Sometimes the TAT of a translation project is non-negotiable and safeguarding this actually means managing various aspects of the process. This involves activities like handling queries, receiving the original text from the client on a timely basis and choosing translators who can satisfy the expectation of the clients. They can provide every trustworthy translation help you might need for a smooth process.

5. Completes Translation Project without any Hassle

When the translation is almost completed, the translation project manager communicates all the elements to the clients and ask them to give their valuable feedback. Besides this, the translation project manager also goes through the work of every translator. Basically, he/she performs the post-project assessment. In this assessment, he/she reviews the deliverables and make notes of important things from the completed project. The notes from the project help to give references or suggestions for future projects.

Good project managers have knowledge of the proofreading and proper translation process. Also, they can help in translation, interact with the client, redistribute a task, handle complex situations and so on. They basically are the backbone of a translation team.


The work of a project manager at a translation company is very important. If he does his job well, everyone gets satisfied- clients, translators, and the translation agency. If you are looking for a translation company that has a professional project manager who can make the work process smooth and successful then reach Tridindia.

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