5 Worthy Questions a Manager Should Ask To His New Hires

The critical role of onboarding makes it necessary for a manager to ask certain questions to his new hires. Gone are the days, when onboarding or orientation was not given a significant amount of importance. Today is the time to make the new employees feel comfortable with the work environment, so that he/she could adapt faster and contribute notably to the organization.

If you are the manager of your department, then the entire responsibility to make the ‘new hire’ comfortable and promising for the organization totally rests on your shoulders.

The hiring manager is the one who begins the recruitment process when he/she requests the candidate to apply for a vacant position. Basically, he/she is the one who finalizes the process when they decide which candidate gets hired successfully.

Are you in a manager position in your company?

Are you doing urgent multilingual hiring for company to find talented candidates who can contribute to your company’s growth?

Fair enough.

Hence as a manager, you need to excel in the art of integrating the new hire into the company. This can be easily accomplished if you comfort him by asking some simple yet important questions to establish a friendly atmosphere.

5 Important Questions A Manager Should Ask His New Hires

Manager, you have plenty of things on your plate. You need to hire a candidate based on their communication styles, personalities, knowledge and a lot more. Thus, you need to be ready with a list of questions to ask new hires.

1. Are Your Expectations Met With This Job/Team/Company?

This is more of a question that relates to the hiring process than the orientation process especially when doing effective multilingual hiring for business. As a manager, you should portray a realistic view of the position. This would help the new hire to judge, what exactly he is moving into.

Also, it will help him in analyzing the clear picture of the job role and eventually he will know what is expected out of him and how he needs to drive results.

2. Is Anything About The Company, Team Or Job Role, Unclear To You?

Make sure that your new hire feels like, he is an important part of the company. Many times, it happens that the new employees do not understand things about the company or the team, even after a month or two. So, it is necessary to clear all the doubts at the earliest and render all the relevant information about the job role, company and team.

3. What Do You Enjoy The Most About Your Role?

With a view to bringing about some positive element in your chat session, you must ask the new hires as to what they enjoy to the fullest, about their job role. Once you acknowledge, what boosts the new hires’ performance, you can start evolving their job roles around their ardour facets.

4. What Can I Do For You To Make Your Career Transition Easier?

As a manager, it is your responsibility to evoke a sense of trust in the new hire to make it evident that you are always there to guide him at every step of his progression in the company.

This way, you will pave the way for his self-growth, self-motivation and eventually company’s growth.

Your small gesture of commitment can be the basis of his excellent performance. You can also take the help of professional multilingual recruitment company.

5. Do You Know Your Colleagues Well?

Job satisfaction and job performance relate to collaboration, somewhere or the other. If the new hires would be well-acquainted with their co-workers, then it would be easy for them to adapt to the company’s culture and environment.

It is worth an effort to introduce the new hires to the existing employees as well as motivate the new hires to collaborate with the old ones.

Parting Tips

A new employee feels a bit stressed in the first few months of his new job. You can either mould him towards the company’s growth or leave him stressed (giving birth to a number of complaints from his side). Go for casual meetings, chat over coffee and make the new hire feel relaxed and composed.

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