Are Your Subtitlings Scaring Your Customers Away? [5 Reasons]

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Interestingly, many people nowadays love to watch videos while reading the subtitles. Subtitles are used to translate speech on a video and this helps the people to watch and understand the video in another language. However, poor subtitles can provide a wrong message that puts a bad impression.

More than 80% of videos are viewed by people without the sound on. By adding subtitles to your videos, you are working to increase engagement by more than 15%.

But when you fail to add quality subtitles, this works against your videos and people may not like to watch your videos.

Subtitling is considered the valuable influencer marketing strategy and it works best to produce a video that provides greater engagement.

This makes your content look professional and viewers get eh chance to learn from your content.

Let’s see what could be the reasons for getting poor subtitling.

Reasons Why Are Your Subtitling Scaring Your Customers Away

Subtitling provides the biggest benefits to the video by increasing accessibility but when you choose cheap subtitling you end up getting results that scare your customers in the following ways:

1- Punctuation Absent

In subtitling, there is a great role of the exclamation marks and question marks. When you choose top-notch video subtitles translation, you’ll see the use of punctuation to keep your context clear.

However, when you choose cheap solutions they ignore the usage of punctuation and this neglected thing put negative emphasize on the context.

With the absence of punctuation, your subtitles won’t make much sense to the viewers. In this, they may end up being confused when they fail to try to understand what the character is going through or trying to express.

2- Failing To Understand

If you make a lot of how-to or informational videos, you need to add subtitles in the right way. For example, if you are making a video on know how to launch a product, the text size should be enough to be easily readable.

Too small or too big or even in transparent color text doesn’t work best to adjust the subtitles according to the video.

When you choose untrained providers, there is a high chance that you get subtitles that viewers won’t be able to read comfortably. It is very important not to make such mistakes else you would end up degrading the user experience.

3- Mismatch Text and Style of Voice

In a video, when there is some language in which it is very difficult to provide the subtitling.

Such as if you want the reliable French subtitling, there is a great need of getting with a professional subtitling provider as they have experts to do this.

Getting unprofessional will only ruin your content and it may be full of mistakes.

French is a difficult language and not everyone can provide its subtitling. So, if you get with the unprofessional this will not be able to provide the right subtitling according to the voice being played in the video.

4- No User Engagement

Subtitling is used to create user engagements and there is a need of a great experience to provide intelligent subtitling.

If you want to enjoy the top subtitling company in Germany, getting with a subtitling provider with less experience is a bad decision.

If your subtitles fails, you will fail to engage more viewers.

5- Short Time Gap Between Subtitles

When providing subtitling, it is important to ensure they are easily readable. The most common error that interrupts viewers from watching videos is the subtitles not being synchronized.

The subtitles must go according to the audio and video content played. This requires a lot of setting to make sure there is the little time gap.

It is important to keep in mind that many viewers watch videos from their phones and thereof subtitles must be provided in the best way.


In today’s digital world, people love to watch video content and this plays a key role to make the content available to a wider audience.

If there is a lack of professionalism in the subtitles, you are not taking the best advantage of this extremely powerful marketing strategy.

To get higher video engagement and make your video well recognized by search engines, you need to get subtitling from professionals. For this, reach out to us at +91-8527599201 or send an instant quote.

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