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These days, people are losing interest in traditional advertisements, and some even go to the extent of blocking ads, making it difficult for brands to keep up with the digital landscape.

However, due to the rising popularity of social media, brands have started to consider influential people on various platforms for endorsing their products and services – effortless, affordable, and more easily available than conventional methods.

Taking advantage of an existing influencer who has a strong following and reputation in a particular niche, is an excellent way to target people that spend most of their time on social media. So, it’s a clever move to dedicate your resources and try your hands on influencer marketing, because it actually works. It would be more beneficial if you choose influential social media for translation.

Ultimately, if you’d like to grab the attention of your target audience, you need to find someone online who already knows the best ways to achieve it.

Tips To Build Successful Influencer Marketing Strategy

1- Set goals and objectives

Structuring a solid influencer marketing strategy is all about focusing on your business goals – something like, directing a few extra visitors to your brand’s website and make them sign up for a webinar.

However, without a clear vision, you will not be able to identify your objectives and produce greater results with your campaigns.

You need to determine what you’re trying to achieve before you start investing in your marketing campaign or productive marketing strategy in any language– at the risk of losing your investment as it may or may not produce the desired results.

So, take your time to define your goals and KPIs (metrics to track) before making a conscious effort to promote your brand through influencers.

Besides, it is quite impossible to measure your campaign’s success, if you don’t have set objectives in place.

Few important goals to consider,

a)- Attracting new audiences – Look for influencers who can create buzz and drive a group of targeted audience to your website.

b)- Brand awareness – Expanding your brand’s presence on social media can be measured with the number of likes, followers and engagement (shares, comments, and use of hashtags). Also, popular types of social media content translation can also help in increasing brand awareness.

c)- Boost SEO – You can enhance your brand’s SEO strategy with the help of backlinks from your influencer’s website.

2- Finding an ideal influencer

After defining a clear set of goals, you can start with the process of finding an ideal influencer for your brand. You should find influencers based on your niche, audience demographics and the quality of content they generate, instead of deciding on someone who has a broader reach.

Always, consider an individual who can influence your target audience, maintain authenticity and create promotional content that doesn’t deviate from your brand’s identity.

Use tools to find out the average engagement rate of potential influencers and choose based on your vision, mission, and pre-established metrics. Also, focus on high value language and communication when finding influencers who can help you. 

So, take advantage of influencers across all the major social media platforms – leverage the right tools and go wherever your target audiences are active.

By knowing which partnerships would work and which won’t, will help you get the most out of your influencer marketing strategy.

Therefore, finding a relevant influencer who can understand the needs and desires of your target audience is the most critical component of an effective influencer marketing strategy.

Influencers can be,



Industry experts


Thought leaders

Or any individual who has a strong following on social media.

3- Collaboration

Once you’ve decided on the type of influencer you’re going to work with, you’ll have to collaborate in such a way that your campaign runs smoothly for both entities. Here, having a knowledge about which countries have the most English speakers today can help you understand which influencers to target.

So, you must bring the chosen influencer into the conversation while deciding on the budget, deadlines and campaign time frame. Or else, you may have to follow up with them frequently and make them keep up with your guidelines.

To clearly announce your expectations, it is important to understand what type of content you want from them and in what way they can increase its engagement rate.

Both you and your influencer should mutually agree on what is expected from them when it comes to achieving success with your marketing campaigns.

Also, discuss about the compensation (flat fee or payment based on performance) and the amount of content required for a particular time frame. Saying that, to write effective content always ensure to invest in accurate content writing solutions.

Though some may agree to promote your brand in exchange for free products, you should always commit yourself financially while working with influencers.

4- Create quality content

The influencers in your niche would probably have a better understanding of your target audience than you do. So, they are quite sure about the type of content that works and the ones that won’t create much engagement.

Due to which they have an ability to create relevant content that engages the target audience and spread awareness about your brand.

Moreover, to run a successful influencer marketing campaign, the content that your influencer shares about your product or service should be inspiring, informative and entertaining.

Most successful influencers would find the right balance between fruitful content development and audience engagement. But, if you notice any flaws with their approach, you should not hesitate to let them know.

You can even provide reliable resources and help them enhance the process of creating compelling content for your brand.

Since people are sick and tired of traditional advertising, do not let your influencer create content that looks more like a sales pitch or promotion.

Also, encourage them to maintain consistency and authenticity, to create the most impact on your marketing campaigns.

Types of influencer marketing strategies to consider

a)-Guest content – an influencer would post a blog content on your brand’s website and promote through their social channels.

b)- Sharing content – an influencer would share your brand’s content (approved by you) to their social media profiles. But before you share, ensure to make your content global with localization experts.

c)- Takeover – an influencer is requested to take charge of your brand’s social media account for a particular timeframe and use their influence to cross promote.

d)- Branded hashtag – an influencer would share content relevant to your brand along with an approved hashtag.

e)- Live stream – an influencer would share their experiences with your brand at the chosen time and place.

f)- Video content – an influencer would share their experiences in the form of videos and publish to their profile.

g)- Reviews – an influencer would review a product or service and promote it on their own platforms.

h)- Expert opinions – an influencer would use their expertise to endorse your brand.

i)- Interviews – an influencer would provide an exclusive interview about your brand and cross promote it on their platforms.

Apart from all this, there is one more thing to focus on which is budget friendly translation services for marketing. With translation, you can ensure there is no language barrier that can restrict you from collaborating with popular influencers from other locations.


Most people prefer social media over traditional media. This is the reason why you should try promoting your brand, by partnering with individuals who have influence over a specific or a large group of audiences.

The best thing about this approach is you can create quality content, increase exposure and become trustworthy through influencer’s network.

As marketers start to shift their focus and allocate most of their budgets toward influencer marketing, it is important to understand this valuable concept with the intent to reach online consumers and drive more sales.

Similarly, knowing the current trends can help you develop a powerful influencer marketing strategy, to ensure good returns on your investment.

Since the digital world is rapidly changing, if you don’t keep up with it, you’re at the risk of losing your budget, customers and market share.

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