How to Localize a Hungarian Translated Text like a Native ?

What does a quality translation mean to you? Do you consider localization as a part of your translation task? These are the questions that every translator must ask himself, in order to guarantee an excellent translated copy. Just translation of the words is not sufficient to call your translation ‘qualitative’. In order to translate like a native, you must give specific importance to localization as well.

For eg, if you are a Hungarian translator, then you must keep tandem with few points that can help you to deliver quality:

1. The Phonology

A Hungarian translator must always keep few factors in mind, like the phonology of the language. The vowel phonemes in this language are grouped into short and long pairs of vowels. They even have a slight similarity in the pronunciation. Hence, a translator must make sure that while translating, he does not get confused in the phonology.

2. Name order

If you are into Hungarian Translation Services, then you must keep in mind that in the said language, the surname of the individual is written first and the name at the last. This is known as eastern name order. When Hungarian names are written in foreign languages, then western name order is followed, whereas, when foreign names are written in Hungarian, they retain their order.

3. Lexicon

On an average, there are almost 1,000,000 words collected from a number of dialects or technical texts etc. You cannot instantly mug up all the words, but, may be slowly you would get a habit of using the words easily in the translations. But, you can keep a record of such words and look at the same, whenever required.

4. Politeness

While you are responsible for Translation Services in Hungarian language, it is your responsibility to maintain the politeness in the translation, i.e. the tone. In Hungarian language, there are four levels of expressing politeness, viz. Ön, Te, Maga and Néni/bácsi. Each of these forms expresses the politeness differently.


Aligning to such tips and tricks, you can easily translate like a native. There are certain small details that we often forget or neglect unknowingly. But, in the translation field, such ignorance can result into huge blunders. So, try to avoid them and establish a successful linguist with precise knowledge of both the source and target language.

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