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Around 65% of the total world’s population is bilingual, and they have the power to switch between two languages with full convenience. Second-language speakers can be identified by observing the difference between total and native speakers. And this shows how much it is important to know top dubbing languages that are essential for businesses.

Do you know what are the world’s most spoken languages? Well, it should be around 6,500 languages that are spoken all around the world nowadays. Every language contributes to making the world a beautiful and diverse place. Unfortunately, some languages are losing their presence day by day. There are languages that are spoken by very few people, and on the other hand, there are many popular language choices among businesses to use for dubbing offered by reputed dubbing company near me.

Read on the top dubbing languages essential for business, in terms of native speakers and all the information you need to know about them.

Top 12 Dubbing Languages for International Business

1. Spanish — 471 Million Speakers

If you look at Spanish native speakers, you’ll see that it’s a huge portion to target when it comes to business growth. If you want to target a language that can open doors of whole continents to you, Spanish should be your choice.

Although, the politics of language and niche identity are disputed: ask Quechua or Catalan speakers if they consider Spanish as their native language and you will get completely different answer. But it is the most used language of Central and South America, Ahem, and Spain, large swathes of the US and should be used for effective video dubbing solutions.

2. Chinese — 1.3 Billion Speakers

Ethnologue has 1.3 billion native speakers, out of which 1.1 billion speak Mandarin- but without any doubt, you can say that it is the most spoken language around the world. If you want to stand out from the competition and want to convey your video content in a language that 1/6 people around the world speak, then Chinese is the one for you.

It is a tonal language that holds many logograms, therefore it is suggested to hire professionals for dubbing.

3. German- 132 million speakers

German is usually considered the language of writers and thinkers. The language has about 100 million native speakers and only 32 non-native speakers across the world. Being the most spoken language in the European Union, the major importance of german dubbing has increased. German is the official language of Liechtenstein, Germany, Luxembourg, Austria, and Switzerland. Therefore, it becomes another important language for businesses to dub their content in.

4. English- 1,132 million speakers

English has 1,132 million speakers all around the world. It is also the official language that is used by all the pilots and crew members in the flight. They should know to speak it properly and fluently.

Over the lifespan of Shakespeare, he added about 1700 words to the English language by changing its verbs into nouns, nouns into verbs, associating some words with each other, and including suffixes or prefixes to others. Hence, there are many complex aspects to this language. Therefore, whenever dubbing any content in the English language, experts are necessary.

5. Hindi- 342 Million Speakers

There are 23 official languages in India, where Urdu or Hindi are considered chief among them. Used mainly in different parts of Pakistan and northern India, Hind utilizes devnagri script, on the other hand, Urdu uses Persian notation. In India, a debate has occurred to replace English with Hindi in the Southern Indian states as the primary language used for education and official communication.

If you are planning to target the Indian market, then Hindi dubbing is very crucial for your business. This will you to build trust among the customers within no time.

6. French- 280 million speakers

This is the language of love which is not only spoken in Paris but also in different parts of the world. Beginning from France to different parts of Canada to some African countries, including Madagascar, French has spread its roots worldwide. And therefore French comes in the top 12 languages needed by businesses in dubbing.

7. Arabic — 315 Million Speakers

Around 315 million people speak Arabic language. Arabic is massively different in its respective dialects changed by people according to their convenience. Modern Arabic is a written form, closely linked with the classical Arabic of the Quran. However, the spoken types of Arabic like Morocco and Oman are so varied that some philosophy professors from these countries can discuss good points of the ancient texts while still getting stressed to convey a basic message.

8. Gujarati – 5.54 crore speakers

Gujarati is spoken by 5.54 crore people in India and is the official language of Gujarat which is located in north-western India. The Gujarati language has emerged from Sanskrit. Dubbing in Gujarati gives huge scope to businesses for growth in a new and wide market. Hence, professional gujarati dubbing is one of the essential languages for your business.

9. Telugu – 8.11 crore speakers

Telugu is widely spoken in India in various states of the country. Also, it is spoken in many countries including the United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, South Africa, United States, Australia, and South Africa. With such a wide number of speakers, Telugu dubbing is essential to reach a wide portion of the audience.

10. Portuguese- 234 million speakers

Portuguese is spoken by around 234 million speakers, out of which only 5% live in Portugal. Plus, it is not only the official language of Brazil, but it is also an official language of Mozambique, East Timor, Angola, Equatorial Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Cape Verde, Príncipe, Macau, and São Tomé.

With this massive amount of speakers, it is very clear that you’ll need dubbing in Portuguese for targeting a huge portion of the audience.

11. Japanese — 126 Million Speakers

126 million native Japanese speakers reside in Japan. Japanese holds two different writing systems, katakana, and hiragana, and making massive use of Chinese Kanji characters. The huge groups of Japanese speakers situated outside Japan can be found in the Philippines, the United States, and Brazil.

12. Russian- 258 million speakers

It is one of the most spread out languages and the 8th most spoken language around the world. Russian is known to be a little tricky as it has only 2,00,000 words that’s why there is more than one meaning of a single word.

A common reason why these languages are popular is that they are consistently used. Spreading your business information on a global scale means doing your research to make sure that your target audience is getting all information in their native language, in order to have a huge impact on your end goal. Therefore, dubbing is important. To understand it properly, you should know what is dubbing.

Wrapping It Up:

Reading all this information might give you proper details of the languages necessary for dubbing. Now, you might want to explore different dubbing artists available to hire and decide which market you will target through your content. It sounds like a lot to do but if you are searching for a reputed dubbing company then Tridindia is here to assist you.

We offer an effective dubbing solution that will assist in following the right steps to flawless work. For more information, call us at +918527599201 or send us an instant quote today.

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