Know The Importance of Website Translation [7 Crucial Points]

The internet has been successful to bring people from all around the world together and making the world a much smaller place. This has helped businesses to expand into the global market. English is understood to some extent by many people worldwide, but for a business to grow at a global scale, it is important to have a multilingual website.

You might have realized that when you meet someone for the very first time, an impression of that person forms in your mind through a number of points like voice, face and the way the person is dressed. For a business, their website is considered as the face and voice of the organization. The majority of companies have understood the importance of website translation to make their content accessible for people from different parts of the world. Many companies make a huge mistake of collecting the text from their site and doing machine translation for them.

Although this is the easiest way to get the translation done your message can get conveyed to the audience very wrongly and sentence construction can also seem unprofessional to the target market.

Therefore, considering to have the importance of reliable website translation is very important.

Major Importance of Website Translation

1. Enhance Search Result Ranking

To develop an SEO-friendly website by executing a specific keyword strategy, website translation is important. This attracts many potential visitors to your site. Website translation will increase the possibilities of attaining good search result ranking and will help you to get exposure.

For improving your search result ranking, you can take assistance from professional website translation.

2. Website’s Data Recommends Translation

Many websites these days utilizes analytics tool such as Google Analytics. These tools mainly give you informative data and update you where your audience specifically comes from within the geographical data section. It will also help you know the languages your target audience use to browse your site. After knowing the languages, you can take help from a reputed translation company near me to translate your content.

This data can clearly highlight new languages you should adopt to satisfy your customer’s expectations and needs.

3. More Languages Means More Customers

The internet is genuinely a global phenomenon. If you operate an international business, think that around 90% of internet users are located outside of the UK. The majority of them do not speak English. Customers are convenient to reach and to convince if you address them in their native language, this is a great reason to translate. Your local customers are just the first step to reaching a wider audience. If you translate your site, you will be able to step into a new world and can plan to grow beyond your local borders. Here, you will observe a huge need for effective multilingual translation for websites.

4. Increased Revenue

Website translation can help you increase revenues. As per a survey, 72% of the internet users are probably to purchase products if the information is in their own language. Developing a multilingual site will provide your business an international exposure.

5. Build Consumer Trust

By translating your website, you can engage more customers. Hence, they will begin trusting your brand. Your customers will feel that they are understood well by your company and all their requirements will be fulfilled.

6. Increase Website Traffic

The more accessible your website is, the more customers you will be able to gain and the more loyal they will be to you. In this constant e-connectivity world, there is no doubt that your website will be the first thing to establish a strong impression. in fact, 61% of global internet users search for products online, therefore your site is an effective marketing tool. and hence, you need to have top-notch translation help.

Considering this, the impact that multilingual content can have on your web traffic is massive. Half of the searches done in Google are in languages other than English. The power to attract global customers will boost your site’s traffic.

7. Reach The Right & Genuine Customers

It doesn’t matter if you are not doing a multilingual marketing effort, you are gathering some information that can tell you whether you should be. You can go through the collected language preference data that is stored in Google Analytics. Your website visitors and customers actually want translated website. If the major portion of your target user base browses in another language, it is time that you take website translation seriously.

Now, don’t waste your time and plan to accurately translate your business website, as it is the perfect way to reach to potential audience and undiscovered industry that was away from your reach.


Translating your site into another language will grow your customer base and will help to expand your business in a new market. If you want to take your business to a global level and translate your site, now is the correct time. Tridindia can help you optimize your translation workflow and save your costs and time along with translating your site.

Be sure to grab an instant quote or call us at +91-8527599523 or send us an instant quote today.

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